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MissPap X Print Sheer Tights

Now not only are we checking out a new brand, but I am back in white tights after such a long time. I have a weird relationship with this colour, and I decided to try some looks with a few pairs I bought recently (this is one of them)

Miss Pap is known for cheap clothing and accessories, and I came across this pair so randomly! They were in the sale on an independent site (no longer available unfortunately) and I thought they looked pretty cute – so here we are giving them a go.

The Spec

Colour: White

Size: One Size

Denier: 20

Materials: 92% Polyamide 8% Elastane

Price: £8.00 / Sale £4.00

Website: No Longer Available

My Outfit

I went full black and white with this outfit. I know it’s simple, but for me it’s a great starting point when working with patterned white pairs. I haven’t had problems before with sheer plain pairs! I added black court shoes to finish the look.

My Deets

Dress: Femme Luxe

Tights: Miss Pap

Heels: Lost Ink

The Review

From The Website: It’s all in the details – shop our accessories for those perfect finishing touches. They say the devils in the details and we couldn’t agree more. Make sure you don’t get papped without a complete OOTD look and shop our versatile accessory collection. Rock the must-have headband with a denim dress and heels, or go hair-up and statement earrings for a night-out with the girls. We’re serving hair clips, grips, sunglasses, and dainty necklaces to real take any look to the next level.

The Packaging

Getting Them On: I did my scrunch and roll up the legs, but I didn’t have to tug at any point as these were quite long. I just rolled and set in place.

On The Legs: I have to start off with this design! I thought it looked pretty cute, and I really do like them. From afar, they seem like spaced out polka dots. This is a super simple design, but one that can work with almost any outfit. It isn’t too much or too little, and something you can easily glam up or tone down, depending on your mood and style.

The quality is not bad. I expected a lot less from what the pair gave me, but I am impressed that’s for sure. There were plenty of near misses for snags, but I managed to keep them pristine all day, with no other damages.

The fit of these tights are pretty good. They are a one size pair, and I mentioned a little further up that these were quite long. I didn’t expect that as many one size pairs tend to be a normal size and have a lot of stretch. This pair ha a lot of stretch and was quite long – so pretty good for those people who are after something like this. I also like there was no gapping or wrinkling on the legs – I was half expecting there to be, but nothing!

The feel of the tights were pretty interesting. These are a very small mesh-like material, which I thought would irritate the skin. I found that these are quite soft and really nice against the skin, with no irritation caused. They stay put once they are on and don’t move around on the legs either.

Trust me when I say these really did exceed my expectations…

The Toes & Ankle: these come with reinforced toes, which are a darker thicker shade than the rest of the tights. I wasn’t too fussed as I had closed shoes on, however these wouldn’t look too bad in a pair of peep toes.

I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes, and no pressure was added around this area either. I did quite like how I had decent toe coverage.

Around the feet and ankles, it was a lovely smooth fit with no wrinkles.

The Waistband & Gusset: so this comes with a reinforced boxer brief. This starts from the top thigh all the way to the waistband. I suppose it isn’t a bad thing, as they are catering for larger sizes here, however it limits what you pair up with these. I couldn’t really do shorts, as the reinforcement would show through.

The waistband itself is really good, and holds up well. I didn’t have any major issues with it, apart from it squishing down on itself (shown below) so it doesn’t sit smooth. I had plenty of stretch so it doesn’t squeeze my waist either.

These also don’t come with a gusset of any sort. It is just a seam through the middle, so I would recommend wearing underwear with this pair unless you feel comfortable enough to do it without.

My Thoughts?

I really do like this pair; it surprised me in the best possible way. I liked the fit and how I can see this working well for larger sizes, and the deign is super versatile. I think they are a great pair!

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