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Miss O Fishnet Holdups

Wooooop hello Fishnet Friday! We meet once again.. and today we’re going sexy!

I got these gifted from a follower, and it’s nice to be doing them in black. I done a review previously in the Miss O Fishnet Holdups in white, which went down a treat with my follower, so pretty psyched to do them in black and actually wear them to work!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Denier: 20

Style: S605

Size: S/M

Materials: 83% Polyamide, 20% Elastane

Price: £9.99

Website: Amazon – 1 Pair Miss O Lace Top Fishnet Hold Ups


My Outfit

Now I know this can be a hit to miss, but I went with my leather knee length skirt with a white tank top just to keep it simple and casual. I added my red booties to give it a pop of colour (and I love putting these booties with this skirt anyways!).

I could have easily done heels, but then it starts making it too very provocative, and that’s not something that would work in the office – maybe a night out though!

I added my choker and small studs, nothing too fancy just to finish off the look.

My Deets

Tank Top: H&M

Skirt: Mango

Tights: Miss O

Shoes: Marks & Spencer’s



The Review

The Packaging: like most Miss O products, they’re normally white packages with the model at the front stating the brand, the name and the model number. At the back it gives you a little more info about the holdups as well as the back of the model showing off her sexy self:

“Fishnet Hold Up Stockings with lace – black”

“10cm Hold Up Lace”

“Invisibly Reinforced”



Getting Inside: these are so cute! They’re wrapped so neatly and when you get them out of the packaging, you notice that these are like ¼ of your leg length! It means that these are gonna sit and shape well on the legs. When getting them on, always make sure that the silicone bands are facing outwards as it makes it so much easier to just roll them back and sit straight on the legs.


I did the scrunch and roll and these just glided right up without any problems at all. They do feel fitted to begin with, but they do just very slightly loosen to mould to the legs and voila! Comfort fit.



The Toes: believe or not, these are invisibly reinforced – and how can you tell? That very faint line going right across them. Not only do they start right from the seam, but they’re actually reinforced! I am so so glad that they are; that means peep toes and open toes won’t be an issue and long toe nails won’t be either!



The Band: is an elegant floral design, which is super soft. The net and lace is a really nice quality and doesn’t catch so easily either. The silicone bands (there are 2 of them) hold up great too – no problems throughout the day and they still have sticking power after taking them off and putting them on over 5 times! I wear mine higher up the leg just because I’m at work and don’t want to expose too much to everyone! In the bedroom, these can be worn lower so the net isn’t too stretched on the legs – this is personal preference really.



On The Legs: these fit so well; they mould and hug with ease. Even if you did stretch them a lot, they wouldn’t widen the net in any way. I thought it might on the thighs, but it’s still the same so you don’t get this odd looking effect where the bottom leg is all nice and symmetrical and the thigh is just wide nets.



Snagging: well I am truly miffed. This happened around 11am in the morning, and I had the rest of the day to go! I caught a little bit at work, and like an idiot I decided to mess with it and it ended up creating a small hole. All I can say is thank God I keep hairspray at work; purely for this reason!!!!


So word of advice – look after these on your legs because I have a black hole being created!


My Thoughts?

I really like these; they are perfect for work as they’re not a wide net and can be worn with almost anything (maybe not shorts or miniskirts!) The band is great and does the job well, the net is good quality (until you snag and rip it) and the toes are the bonus part for me! I still can’t believe they’re reinforced!!!


2 thoughts on “Miss O Fishnet Holdups

  1. Where would we be without the invention of silicone… 😛
    Hurray for Fishnet Friday.
    Aren’t those stockings just fantastic?