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Miss O Crotchless Tights – Silver & Black

Onto day 3 of the Miss O collection and here we have sexy silver with a backseam!


My Outfit

I went cutesy with these and making my legs the focal point. I opted for my white polka dot shirt along with my pinafore dress and bow shoes to top off the cutesy look! I thought why not with such a sexy backseam I wanted to tone that down and make it an outfit that you can work with on a day-to-day basis rather than the bedroom!

My Deets:

Shirt: Jennifer (France)

Pinafore Dress: eBay

Shoes: Gifted via Amazon


Now these are interesting as they are different to the other two I have previously done:

Wider Crotch: So this time it is a massive open crotch (See the packaging so you know what I am talking about) it’s much bigger than what I have currently been wearing so total exposure there!



Silicone Band: There isn’t one this time around. It’s a normal plain band.


Size: Now we have moved from S/M and gone to L/XL – I think Miss O just sent me a mix! I was a bit hesitant to even get them on, but a friend who has worn Miss O before mentioned that it doesn’t really matter with the sizing as they still sit nicely on. So I gave it a go and I have to say they did sit well. They won’t be super tight and fitted on the legs, but they have lasted well all day.

Design: So not only does it have a backseam, but they also have a lovely faint design around the private area (front and back) (see the packaging once again for this). Going back to the backseam, I have to say I’m not entirely impressed. Trying to line up was so hard, and I found out that the backseam starts off at the side of the foot and not front the middle. I normally can get my line-up perfect when I follow it from the foot, but I went super wonky with these until I sussed it!


Colour: So I have to say that I find these a mix between the grey and white I have worn before – and it seems like they have just been merged into one with these silver ones. I couldn’t quite work out exactly what base it has; whether it’s more white or grey. So to keep the legs as the statement, I opted for white and black!


Overall Thoughts?

I think these are really nice. The quality is decent this time around, and the way they feel has not changed either. I do love the backseam on these and the colour of them – you think they might be hard to work with, but actually they’re not as bad as I thought they would be.

The only thing I wasn’t too keen on was the wide open crotch on these – I don’t mind the smaller opening as that does feel more comfortable if you’re not used to wearing these, but I did find these pretty extreme.

There was no snagging with these tights at all throughout the day so I was pleased about that too!

Otherwise – I would recommend! Thank you Miss O!


4 thoughts on “Miss O Crotchless Tights – Silver & Black

  1. Those are spectacular! The backseam starting at the side of your foot sounds rather odd, I wonder if that was just a quality defect on your pair from how the toe was sewn closed. And I apologize for asking such a bold question, but do you typically wear underwear with your nylons? I know that some people do, and some don’t, and some like myself it just depends on my mood. Just wondering given how bold and open this pair is.