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Miss O Crotchless Tights – Shiny Gray

Well what do we have here… Ventilation for down below? I have to say I am nervous and excited about doing these for the first time ever! And what better month to start reviewing them other than February!!!

I got these a long while back from Miss O themselves and haven’t had the chance to get down and dirty with them, so now finally the weather is slowly picking up and my experimental side has once again been unleashed, I thought I would finally get myself in them!

Just so you know I will be reviewing all my Miss O collection this week so keep an eye out what colours I am trying out over the next 7 days!


My Outfit

So I went very ‘work mode’ and opted for my bodycon dress along with my grey ankle boots. I thought instead of making them my statement piece, I wanted them to blend into the outfit and it worked super well. I got the hubby involved as well asking his opinion of the outfit too – winnerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I kept it simple with just studded silver earrings and no necklace to keep it ‘conservative’ let’s say!

My Deets:

Dress: H&M

Tights: Miss O

Shoes: Mark & Spencer’s


The Review

So this review (being the first of many) I will go in depth as much as I can, and the rest during the week will be a lot more about the outfit I have paired the hosiery with.


Packaging: So as seen on my Instagram video – the packaging is very basic but shows everything you need to see. The model is wearing the exact colour tights on the front as well as the back covering her private areas with the colour in the bottom right hand corner. The back of the packaging states the sizing guide, the denier, a little blurb “Shiny open crotch pantyhose with lace belt – gray.” and their social media accounts. There is no mention of reinforced toes so I will have to get them on and find out!


Getting them on: I have to say you do need to be delicate with these as they are a very thin denier (talking 20 here) but they do feel a lot thinner. They are folded horizontally so it’s easier if you just follow the crease to the toes. They are pretty easy to get on I have to say – no snags so far which is a bonus. Be careful with sharp anklets though!


The feel and look: I love the smoothness of them and that shine! I have never owned a grey pair of tights before and the first pair I do review are a shiny pair (obviously!). I have to say I’m glad they’re a lighter denier as they do make my legs look lovely and toned. The glisten in the lighting is just gorgeous and just adds that little extra to the outfit too. I mean grey is great, but shine makes it glam! They also sit really nicely on the legs – no tight hugging or loose fitting; it curves where it needs to perfectly!!


The waistband: Now I am dead impressed with this waistband – it has silicone straps on them!!! I have never had a pair like that before, so I was eager to get these on to test it out. At first it does stick quite nicely to the stomach, however during the day it does loosen slightly, like it’s moving away from the body but still staying up. Also if you’re on the move or tend to sweat a lot when wearing tights, I don’t think these will be too great on you. sweat and silicone do not mix well! Otherwise I do love the idea and the band looks damn sexy too!!


How does crotchless feel? I was hesitant at first, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be a massive gaping hole from the front of the bikini all the way to the top of the bum but it’s only around 3-4 inches wide at the bottom so most of you is covered anyways – that model is just over-exaggerating!! It does feel weird that you don’t have the cotton gusset sitting flush under you, but I supposed you get used to the idea after being in them for a little while.

The toes: Going back to the ‘reinforced’ – I am not too sure if they actually have it. I can see a slight line across the toes, but I highly doubt that they are reinforced. Kinda disappointed but never mind – it just means I got to be careful with my toenails when wearing the others.



Overall Thoughts?

I am so glad I gave these a go – I love the idea of them and perfect for any sexy nights planned coming up to Valentine’s now too! The grey is a colour which I will need to try on more to experiment with, but I am so glad they were my first pair to review. Definitely got me out of my comfort zone! Would I recommend? YES I would!!


4 thoughts on “Miss O Crotchless Tights – Shiny Gray

  1. *cough* Ahem! Oh my! 😉 Brave girl indeed.

    Do love those. Who says grey is miserable and drab. Far from it. Just look at that fabulous shine and shimmer. Simply wow!

    A word of warning on blustery days though.
    Don’t be surprised on hearing whistling noises projecting from certain areas.
    Or so I’ve been informed :p

    Excellent post.