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Miss O Crotchless Tights – Red

Leading onto Day 4, I decided to colour myself red! Normally I play it safe and opt for blacks and whites, but this time I wanted to be out there and show the world that you can’t get enough REDDDD!!


My Outfit

So I am back in my red checked shirt dress along with my red open crotch tights and topping off with my dom shoes (yes these are a pure 6 inch heel). The legs are my focal point today and the shoes – well they’re just the cherry on the cake!

My Deets:
Shirt Dress: eBay

Tights: Miss O

Shoes: Dom Pleasure


So once again, this won’t be a full on review (See Miss O Crotchless Tights – Shiny Gray for the full thing), but more of an update on the style and what I find different about each pair I get on:

Colour: I got to say this is a gorgeous red I have ever come across. The best part is that it shades a lot more pink that it does red, which can add a little twist onto any outfit. I found it surprising seeing it on and then through photos – as they do look slightly different. Even in the light, it does shine a lot more pinkish than red.


Size: Instead of the S/M that I am, these are L/XL. I have done a larger pair in the silver and black, but this time round I found these to be slighter larger only on the stomach/back area. The legs fit completely fine and around the bum too, but the waistband does not sit flush against me at all so not too happy about that.


The Hole: The open crotch bit is back to normal – and when I say that I mean it’s a lot smaller and only exposes a small area rather than a massive gaping hole! To see what I am on about, see my blog on the Miss O Crotchless White Tights!



Overall Thoughts?

I absolutely love these – like I said I love how different the red is compared to ones that I have done in the past with other brands, but I do love these. They are comfortable to wear (apart from the loose waistband) and do make the legs look amazing! They sit well around the toes, and no sign of any snags with this pair either!

So overall a winner – I just wish that I had these in a S/M!


6 thoughts on “Miss O Crotchless Tights – Red

  1. Whoosh! Now that is `red` hot.
    Brilliant colour matching. Yes there’s a lot of red, but, its still easy on the eye.
    The tights look incredible. Loving the back of the knees view and are those calves I see? 🙂
    They have taken your legs to an even yummier level.
    Love it.

  2. As always, love the shine. Fantastic skirt with this combination, and great job on the multiple pics on this photo shoot.

  3. Great outfit getting to the tights lovely blog about these. Myself been thinking about getting them but what color there are some great colors to choose from.