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Miss O Collection – Fishnet Holdups

Wahey for Day 5! I am back in some fishnets, and the best part is that they are holdups! It’s been a good while and to be honest, I missed being in them! don’t get me wrong I love my tights a lot, but there is something about holdups too that I have a newfound love for!


My Outfit

Now I decided to not make it about the holdups, but more about the outfit. You don’t need to wear a pair of holdups just to flaunt legs – it actually works pretty well under jeans and trousers too! Think of the extra layer of warmth when it’s cold (because I surely am!!!)

I went for my white/cream trousers first and then realised these are a brilliant white so wouldn’t work well together, so I switched to black instead. I added a printed shirt – minimal but enough as I want the ankles and feet to be the focal point and then topped off with my court shoes.

I ended up knotting my shirt at the front to give it the cute office factor rather than having the shirt tucked in.

I added a choker and small studs just to finish it as it did look quite bare on the neck.

My Deets:

Shirt: H&M

Skinny Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Soletrader

Choker: Topshop


So let me talk about the holdups and how great they actually are! When I first say white fishnet holdups, I thought this has to be done with a bedroom outfit or just a the holdups on their own but then I thought about it, and see how I could play with the idea.

So the packaging is showing me things that I love right now – reinforced toes and a wide band at the top! BONUS BONUS BONUS! I absolutely love wide bands as there’s more sticking power to the legs and the reinforced toes on fishnets is just heaven! It means no toes peeping out of holes!


You’ll find that they’re half your legs size, so stretching them on is easy as anything really. I didn’t have a problem with anklets, or long nails or anything else for that matter. The band I always roll outside and then back in so it doesn’t stick to your leg half way of rolling up!



I like the way these hold onto the legs – they’re not too skin-tugging like some are; they feel comfortable and really nice.

I like how these are more micronet rather than the larger fishnets, only because they look a lot whiter and can work with a lot of casual outfits I reckon. I was so close to putting on my converses with these and making it a smart casual outfit (something you would wear for shopping!)


So getting my jeans over this was the hardest thing – as you can image net tights not being the easiest you can get skinny jeans over! But with my scrunch and roll technique – it worked out in the end (and without breaking a nail!).


After wearing these for a whole day – I think these are amazing and hold up so well (well under jeans anyways) and are super comfy too.


Overall? I love these!!! Simple as!


7 thoughts on “Miss O Collection – Fishnet Holdups

  1. Those stocking tops would of killed me peeking from under a mini skirt . But they do look great like this as well.

    Very very nice

  2. Oh, how cute! And maybe to show them off under some ripped black jeans instead of black fishnets under ripped blue jeans!

    Did you have any issues with the hold up band(glue) leaving a welt on your thigh from hugging them so tight?

  3. Rapturous applause for the scrunch and roll technique 🙂
    I am the small boy in a sweetie shop and
    once again you treat us to the most delicious goodies.
    Lovely delicate looking lacework on the thighs I must say.
    Yes! I like those a lot.