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Miss Naughty Suspender & Stocking Set

Aloha new brand! Not heard of this one before, but I am more than excited to be giving it a go! I saw these on the UKTights website, and thought why not?

Now I gotta say this is aimed for larger women (and men too), so I’m not gonna lie, I am quite nervous to try these. Even though they state small, I don’t think it will be the normal small size hosiery you get with other brands.


About Miss Naughty

Miss Naughty brings a touch of glamour to an ordinary world. Creating stylish, sophisticated and sexy hosiery looks with affordable, luxury pieces. Our British hosiery design team has carefully selected the most flattering, easy to wear designs of garter belts, stockings, crotchless tights, fashion hosiery and more to create sumptuous styles with little fuss.

We offer all our products in plus sizes so any women can feel glamorous and look great in Miss Naughty hosiery. Our fabulous suspender belts and stockings are available up to size XXXL.

Our suspender belts and stockings collection are all key pieces that every Miss Naughty needs in their hosiery draw and at an unbeatable price for their superb quality. Whether it is for a special occasion or for everyday wear, customers love the ease and simplicity of our products and especially the handy sets they are arranged in, such as our stocking with satin wet look garter belt set. Not to mention the sexy look and feel achieved with every Miss Naughty product.

Miss Naughty Crotchless Tights offer something new to this popular style with the sheer crotchless tights featuring a beautiful gloss finish and the satin soft opaque crotchless tights offering opaque leg coverage with an open gusset design.

Every Miss Naughty girl loves fashion and our fashion collection continues to grown with the

hottest looks and styles. Miss Naughty Suspender Tights and Over The Knee Tights are

easy to wear, funky designs that are available up to size XXL.

Perfect for adding a cheeky twist to any Miss Naughtys’ fashion look.

Our UK based Miss Naughty team is happy to assist in any queries regarding product details or the reselling of our products. We hope you enjoy browsing our current collection. Look out for further collections to come from this exciting British brand.


“You can have whatever you want if you dress for it.”
– Edith Head

– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane

Price: £16.99

Website: UKTights – Miss Naughty Deep Lace Suspender Belt & Stocking Set


My Outfit

I kept it proper office-looking by wearing my shirt dress with a waist belt, stockings and then added my black courts (which I left at work).

I kept my hair up in a pony and just added small studs.

My Deets

Shirt Dress: New Look

Suspender & Stockings Set: Miss Naughty



The Review

From The Website: What could be more enticing than a sexy pair of stockings when showing off your legs? Well, naturally, a suspender belt to go with it, and to show off the rest of you. This set comprises a pair of sheer, shallow-band stockings that have a slight, subtle glimmer to them, and a matching suspender belt with its deep band of floral lace, row of hook-and-eye fasteners at the lower back and its set of 4 simple ribbon attachments. Separately, these items are beautiful, together they are everything you need to add some spice to your wardrobe.

* 15 denier
* Perfect set
* Make you look sexy
* Alluringly tempting
* Feel beautiful
* 85% Polyamide
* 15% Elastane


The Packaging: is pretty basic; model at the front wearing the hosiery with some information at the back, including hosiery care, sizing and the following:

“Dress up in this sumptuous floral lace suspender belt set with beautiful, 15 denier, plain top stockings.
Miss Naughty… a little bit of glamour in an ordinary world.”

Flattering Suspender Belt
Rubbr clips with satin bow
Length adjusting straps
15 Denier Sheer black stockings





Getting Them On: so let’s begin with the suspenders first. I got them on (via the hooks) and the adjusted the straps so they sit a higher than mid-thigh length. I scrunched and rolled my stocking sup the leg to spot that it already had been snagged…

note that I was wearing hosiery gloves for them but took them off to hold the clasp properly

… Once I got both legs dressed, it was then clasping time and boy did I struggle! They would not grip on properly and kept popping off. I thought it could be one of the following reasons at first:

  • The straps are too short and it’s pulling too much
  • I haven’t clipped the rubber part properly
  • The little satin bows might be getting caught in-between it to stop it from gripping
  • The clasps are sh*te!

It took me a good 15 minutes to sort out the clasps and why they wouldn’t grip the stockings properly. I managed to get it done in the end and then was running late for work!



On The Legs: so let’s start with the stockings this time and sum it up because I was too annoyed today. and you’re about to find out why:

  • The denier is great for that lovely sheer look on the legs, but the quality is what makes it look so cheap
  • The touch/feel of them were really rough (I think these are supposed to be a matte-finished) but it didn’t feel like it; they were really rough to touch and a very grainy texture
  • They snagged so badly on the legs; mainly at the back when I was sitting at my desk and a few dotted around the legs
  • The band isn’t too bad; it’s not silky so you would think it would be ok to grip on to
  • I have to admit the stockings kept wanting to fall down on the legs. They didn’t sit that flush against as I would have liked them to, which I suppose caused the following issue…


Now with the belt:

Guess what? I counted 6 times that the clasps had let go of the front of my stockings throughout the day. I even lowered my straps so they sit mid-thigh and it still kept happening…

Words cannot describe the mood I was left in at the end of the day.



The Toes & Ankle: so this area actually did make me smile as I didn’t encounter a single problem with it during the day. They were enough wiggle room in them, there was no pressure put on the toes during the day and they were comfortable. These aren’t reinforced but I didn’t end up with rips or holes at the end of the day.

Around the ankle area, I did find that these slipped a bit during the day, so I had to keep readjusting to make sure there were no crinkles gathering here.



The Suspender Belt: not gonna lie but I am not liking the belt to these. The belt itself is a real nice one, but the clasps on it are really bad, to the point they can’t even grip stockings properly, I got home and then tried it with another pair of stockings with a different material at the top to see how well it holds … same thing happened. They just didn’t wanna grip on and stay up!




My Thoughts?

Overall, these are ok but I don’t think I would be recommending for long-term use. They might be better on slightly bigger sized women (or men) – please don’t take any offence here! … But they certainly didn’t work for me.

The quality plays the biggest part, and that was pretty poor in my eyes. I would recommend a set like this if you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful – or maybe your 1st set if you’re just getting into the hosiery world.

The nicest thing was the deep lace suspender belt, but I wish thr clasps were metal against rubber so it grips so much better and doesn’t have that satin piece to it so you don’t have to faff around.

For those who wear this religiously like I do… I don’t think this would fly with us!