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Miss Naughty Sheer Gloss Crotchless Tights

Ooooo hello crotchless! We meet again after a good while.The last time I did crotchless was last year, and reviewed the following:

Miss O Crotchless Tights – Beige

Miss O Crotchless Tights – Red

Miss O Crotchless Tights – Silver & Black

Miss O Crotchless Tights – Shiny White

Miss O Crotchless Tights – Shiny Gray

I have also done bodystokcings (which 90% of the time are crotchless so we won’t count these in)

Now I am hoping that these will be better than the suspender set I did the other day! By the way I have natural lighting and flash images in this blog so you can see the difference 🙂

The Spec

Colour: Tan/Natural

Size: Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 88% Nylon, 12% Elastane

Price: £8.99

Website: UKTights – Miss Naughty Sheer Gloss Crotchless Tights


My Outfit

Now I was being all inventive and decided to rock some serious colour. I went with my polka dot t-shirt tucked into my satin culottes and added my grey patent heels.

Yep I covered the nice glossy hosiery – it was a cr*p day (weather wise) so I thought I would dress these another way where they still get shown 🙂

I left my hair down and added small silver earrings.

My Deets

T-Shirt: Pull & Bear

Culottes: Mango

Tights: Miss Naughty

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins



The Review

From The Website: Crotchless tights are a staple of any collection. With Miss Naughty releasing a design that is so wonderfully versatile and essential, they have made themselves more of a designer for everyday wear instead of something solely for the boudoir. These crotchless tights are convenient, comfy and much more hygienic than regular sheer tights.

* 15 denier
* Open gusset
* Invisible reinforced toes
* Sheer to waist
* Flat seams
* 88% Nylon
* 12% Elastane


The Packaging: so once again the packaging is pretty basic; model at the front wearing the hosiery with some information at the back, including hosiery care, sizing and the following:

“Italian Luxury Design Open Crotch Tights with High Shine. 15 Denier Gloss Finish.
Miss Naughty… a little bit of a glamour in an ordinary world.”

15 Denier
Gloss Finish
Sheer to Waist
Flat Seams
Reinforced Toe

I have to say that the front packaging was pretty flimsy; it was made out of a thick paper (rather than actual card) and it rips so easily too. I normally like to keep the image with my tights so I know what brand and model they are, but not overly impressed with these to be honest.

Anyways getting inside, these were wrapped in plastic packaging again (good sign there) folded neatly around card.

When you get in, you will find these flat packed (meaning no leg or foot shaping) ready to roll on.


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Getting Them On: it sounds silly but you would get them on like you would do with a pair of tights. The only difference is that you have a hole in the middle LOL!

I used scrunch and roll on both legs as these do feel quite delicate and probably would snag easily.  They were fine going over anklets as long as they aren’t sharp ones.



On The Legs: they are really nice, although I wasn’t too sure of the colour to begin with. In normal daylight, they do make the legs look a little pasty (depending on your skin colour) but then when the light/flash hits them, they just glisten away so nicely!

The denier is fab to wear on any type of day to be honest; I would say these are more for summer due to that glossy shine, but they can still work for gloomy ones to cheer up your mood (like I did!)

The quality is a lot better than the previous pair; they hardly snagged where they were exposed and even when I was taking my images with the tights and heels on, they were fine. I still have to say you need to be careful when wearing them and avoid anything sharp touching them as they aren’t as durable as they may seem. They are delicate and quite rough to touch rather than silky smooth, which means they can catch easily.

That gloss is amazing; I just had to talk about it as it’s just beautiful to see on the legs when the flash hit it, compared to how they look normally.



The Toes & Ankle: around the toes they are really nice; there is plenty of wiggle room and no pressure put on them during the day either. They are reinforced which is a bonus, but I would still be careful if you have long/sharp toenails.

Around the ankles, it’s a nice smooth finish; exactly what we want!



The Waistband: the band is a good one; I’m pretty impressed with it. It fits really nice around the waist and holds up well all day. I put it to the test and really stretched it out, pulled it up and down throughout the day and it didn’t lose elasticity once!

They aren’t too tight or too loose, which means you get a lovely comfort fit.

The crotchless part; well it’s a hole where the gusset should be! It’s not a wide one, which is quite nice so you still feel a little protected compared to massive gaping ones where the whole of you is exposed down there.




My Thoughts?

Overall I really like these; a good gloss pair and a decent crotchless section on there too. The quality is a lot better than the Suspender Belt & Stocking Set; no snags, feels a lot nicer to touch and does the legs proud!

I would recommend these if you’re looking for a short-term pair. I wouldn’t say long-term as if these were washed or handled without care, I can see them being ruined.

2 thoughts on “Miss Naughty Sheer Gloss Crotchless Tights

  1. Great review been looking at these cause I love the glossy look do like the glitter look to. But these I love for the glossy look know they do have different styles in these but mostly I like the color choices was looking at the blue and yellow shades. Am a glossy nut when it comes to hosiery and when it comes to having color choices love them even more. After reading your review I know will have to get a few pairs.

  2. OMG I so love that delicious, smooth, silky shine. They definitely hit the spot as far as I’m concerned.
    Again, you seem to have found a brand and style that compliments the awesomeness of your legs 👌😁