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Merry Style – Cecylia 20 Den

So once again this review is about these stunners that were gifted by @dgpuente (I’m doing this review with a cup of coffee in my hand trying to wake up!)

They don’t look much at first as the packet is really plain and simple and states the name of the tights at the back.

Well… Let’s say I am so impressed with these beauties. I’ll give you the run-down of the exact thoughts in my head when I put them on this morning:

  1. These are nice and silky
  2. No snags coming out of the packaging as they were wrapped around the card and not slotted into one leg
  3. Smooth silky glide pulling them up
  4. Ooo reinforced toe – didn’t state on the pack but BONUS!!!
  5. Ok got a little snag in the now – me being careless doing this!
  6. Get the hosiery gloves on to do the rest
  7. A good waist band to hold these up and they stay put the whole day
  8. That lovely tattoo design working from the foot up the ankle – WOWZER!
  9. *Rubs legs together and nodding my head smiling*


So that was literally how I felt this morning putting them on – I do love sheers that just softly glide on. Sometimes they can be quite thick or you do need to tug them up a little to get them going.

Only bad thing I could list down was that they do snag easily so wherever you wear these, make sure your legs stay away from anything that might catch onto your tights!

I paired these up with a bodycon dress and my wedges, however walking into work I always like to wear something comfortable so I teamed up with my trainers and even them they look beaut! The picture does look a little crap but my front camera is never as good as my normal so please excuse that!

To be fair I got a lot of head turns and looks this morning walking in 😉


Dress – AX Paris

Tights – Merry Style Cecylia

Booties – New Look

Trainers – Nike Roshe One


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