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Mellowmood 100% Nylon Seamless Stretch Pantyhose

I am making my way through so many new brands, and it really annoys me that I cannot find any background information on them for you all. This is another from a great collection I have been working my way through, which was kindly gifted!

The Spec

Colour: Spice

Size: Small (4’10” – 5’2″)

Denier: Around 15-20

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price & Website: Unknown

My Outfit

I thought I would be bold with my colours today, so I opted for my orange bodysuit with my navy and orange patterned mini skirt. You can make this look causal by adding white pumps or some short kitten heeled shoes.

My Deets

Bodysuit: Femme Luxe

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Mellowmood




The Review

The Packaging: proper retro packaging here and I really like it! The front shows the model, along with the brand name, size, colour and price.

Flipping over it gives you a little about the pair inside along with the sizing guide. I am praying these will fit me!

When you get in, you will find them with foot and leg shaping, folded neatly around plain card.


Getting Them On: I did my little scrunch and roll from the toes to the ankles, went gently over my anklets and then rolled the rest up the legs.



On The Legs: well this is an interesting colour that I rarely come across. This really looked like I fake tanned my legs from a distance if you compare it to the rest of me. I have to say it is quite nice, but would work better if I had my arms covered so it would look a little natural. I added flash so you can see how it looks a little more sheer and natural rather than in natural lighting. I also saw this had a semi-shine to them, which I honestly didn’t think it would have considering these are a matte finish.

The quality of them is what you pay for; it feels quite cheap to touch and super rough I have to admit. I will speak about that a little further down. I didn’t manage to snag these at all, which is a great thing and the stretch is barely there to be honest.

The fit of these ran a little small for me once again, and that means that I had to really tug these up the legs to make sure they try and sit flush against the skin. I had the saving grace of my bodysuit which actually kept them up but I did feel it feel super tight on the legs though. This made it slightly hard to sit let alone walk about.

The feel I mentioned is quite rough; as these have been stretched out more than they should, it didn’t help with the grainy feel you get too. This did also irritate my skin a little from time to time, so if you see any scratch marks, you’ll know why.


The Toes & Ankle: have reinforcement to them and I am so happy here. It actually curves around the sides too a little, which I thought was different but really liked. I started off with some wiggle room, but this disappeared when I had to tug them up the legs. My toes ended up with tons of pressure.

Around the feet and ankles, it’s certainly a fitted finish with no wrinkles.



The Waistband & Gusset: so these come with a boxer brief to them which you can faintly see in the images below. This would end top-mid thigh, however it sat higher as these were pulled up a lot.

Now the waistband was not bad as it did its job in a way. It’s a shame these ran small as I’m sure they would have been a decent pair for sure. I felt there was enough elasticity in the waistband and they would have held up well with the bodysuit doing most of the work.

The gusset is non-existent here.



My Thoughts?

Not a bad pair, but I wish it wasn’t so small so I could really get to see what they would be like without all the hassle. The colour was interesting I have to say, but not bad though if you’re after a darker tan look on the legs.

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