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Marks & Spencer’s Autograph Collection Tights

So instead of doing known brands, I decided to go for a brand that you can buy for dirt cheap in stores… And these pair happen to be from Marks & Spencer’s. I did get them off eBay rather than in store, as it was an older collection, but I grabbed a right bargain! They were going for £4.50 – you cannot go wrong!!

To be honest I have to admit I was supposed to have done these during the Christmas period, but seeing as I was rushing around with work and was going to be off from blogging for a few weeks, I just never had the chance to whip them out. But I told myself I was going to this week as they needed showing off!

I know these won’t be everyone’s cup of tea based on the looks I had been getting – mostly I’ve had people comment and say how awesome they are but I’ve also had 1 or 2 that hated them!


My Outfit

So once again I did the monochrome with them (I need to step away from that!) to make the legs a statement piece once again (because why not?!).

I teamed it up with my bodycon cami top, my white skater skirt and my velvet platform boots. I kept my hair up in a pony and pushed back and to finish it off, I added a double metal choker to it.

I wanted to keep it fun as well as office-like, so the hair back created that look instead of having it down.

I opted for boots instead of shoes as my skirt is pretty short, so I needed to make it look more winter and snug rather than legs legs legs, so I went with the boots. You can easily pair these up with a pair of court shoes or some strappy heels!

My Deets:
Cami Top: New Look

Skater Skirt: H&M

Tights: Marks & Spencer’s Via eBay

Boots: Gifted via Amazon

Choker: TopShop


The Review

So let me start off with the packaging: it wasn’t the greatest when it was shipped out to me. The box was pretty damaged and it wasn’t totally brand new. I mean the tights are as they were cello-taped in their plastic bag, but the outside box had been opened a few times before.

On the front, you see the model wearing the pair – I have to say they do look fabulous on her and at the back it was the blurb that they give about the tights etc.

One thing I did notice when I opened the packaging to the tights is that they seemed a totally different shade to the ones shown on the outer box. They were darker with the gold tone, whereas they seem all gold with black as the undertone so was a little surprised there.


Getting them on were not a problem at all – and they’re fine over anklets too. They’re pretty thick so I hope snagging won’t be an issue with these. I did notice they are pretty baggy around the toes – there is so much loose material at the ends which does make it uncomfortable in tight fitting shoes. I had to end up changing my shoes to my boots because of this.


The waistband on these are sturdy and thick, and did hold well all day I must say. Although the downside to this is that they were falling slightly, so it didn’t feel flush against the skin (where the gusset is!) You may need to pull up a few times during the day. I wouldn’t recommend wearing this pair with anything bodycon purely because I feel the bodycon will move the tights out of place.


How do they feel? Well I got to say they feel pretty nice on – smooth underneath and quite silky on the top. You wouldn’t expect it; I was surprised too! But these are really comfortable on the legs! They’re snug fitting from the ankle up and they stay in place too!


Now let me get onto the colour here: on the packaging it shows it quite dark and the gold is not overpowering. Well I say different – it is completely different. They look khaki and gold coloured rather than black and gold so I wasn’t too impressed. Also in the lighting it tends to shade different colours – when looking down in normal daylight it looks more gold block coloured with no sheerness and in man-made light, it goes slightly more sheer and you can see the pattern more clearly then. So I don’t really know how I actually feel about these wearing them in the day – I think I would keep these to be more ‘night-out’ tights.



Now remember I said I hope they don’t snag? Well I ended up doing that didn’t I?! And the worst thing is that it’s bobbled itself at the back! I have no idea how it happened but there you go! Luckily it’s not that noticeable (thank god!)


Could you wear different footwear with these? Well I think you can – trainers might be risky but then again it would be super quirky if you did! I know most heels will go with these no problem!! the next time I am in these, I will be trying them out with more casual shoes just to see what they’re like and if they work as well as I think!!


Overall Thoughts?

To be honest I don’t think I am too keen on this pair. Don’t get me wrong it does have its perks and I think they do look quite nice, but would I recommend to you all? I don’t think so.

The colour was the one thing that got me to buy them and that’s what has disappointed me the most. Forget the snag, forget the baggy toes, the colour has ruined it for me. Sorry M&S, you haven’t done it for me this time around.

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