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Marilyn Riviera 8 Tights

Now some people are gonna say I’m mad, but yes I did sheer sin this cold weather. And yes I did 8 denier sheers in this cold weather.

I really wanted to pair this with something that didn’t involve long boots or knee high socks to cover most of it, so I decided to work around it so it’s still suitable for work and still OK to pull of in winter months! Although the shoes I wore.. You may have to change…

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 8

Materials: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane

Price: £2.00

Website: Amazon – Marilyn Classic Riviera 8 Denier Sheer To Waist, T-Band Summer Tights


My Outfit

I am finally steering myself away from monochromes and adding a little colour into my life for a change (even if it is for this one review – LOL!). I went with my ribbed bodysuit paired with my statement (monochrome) black and white skirt and added my mid-heel sandals to finish off the look.

I know it may seem a little OTT for work, but I kept the jewellery to a minimum and left the hair down rather than up.

My Deets

Bodysuit: New Look 

Skirt: BooHoo

Shoes: Forever21




The Review

From The Website: Extremely thin pantyhose 8 den perfect for summer. Made from the highest quality yarn, flat seam, cotton gusset small. Tights are semi gloss, without marked panties part with transparent fingers.

Very High Quality
8 Denier
Riviera 8
Brand New in Box with Tag
Sizes: small 5’0
Made from top quality materials in the EU


The Packaging: so this is my 1st time reviewing Marilyn, so I am pretty excited to see what these are like. The front has a fair bit going on with the model wearing the hosiery along with the brand name and model along with sizing.

The back gives you a little more info; sizing, care guide and the following:

“Very fine tights, provide make up effect.

Comfort seams.

Comfort band.

Hygienic gusset.

Reinforced toes (I think!)”




Getting Inside & On: so inside these are neatly folded around the cardboard (woo hoo!) and you can instantly tell how fine the denier is! I had to get the gloves on already before I could mess around with them.

They were folded flat, which means you glide your leg right in – but don’t do that! Make sure you scrunch and roll them on so you don’t end up snagging them. These were fine over my anklets (which I was dreading about) but just make sure you’re careful getting them over sharper ones.




On The Legs: oh good God! I am loving these! I did not expect them to be so shiny considering they didn’t mention anywhere that they have that feature. Without the flash on, they do look quite matte (oh yes!) but in the light, it just glistens away!

They are super soft and super smooth on the legs, and they hug so well too.




The Toes: so the toes are super sheer, which means rock out those sandals! I sure did as I thought it works perfectly with the outfit. I am pretty sure these are reinforced but doesn’t state anywhere – I noticed a slight shade difference on the tip of the toes, so not too sure what that is about if they aren’t reinforced in any way.

There is plenty of wiggle room in these, and no pressure is put on the toes during the day either. I seriously am loving how sheer these are, and how gorgeous the nail colour looks through them!!!



The Band: now this band surprised me – I didn’t expect it to be so thick at the top. But I am glad it is as it’s sturdy as anything! It’s super comfortable, doesn’t dig in, doesn’t roll down, doesn’t move and keep your hosiery up all day long regardless of what you’re doing!


You get the ‘T section’ at the front and the back due to the gusset, but even then it’s a very light denier one with the rest of the hosiery being 8 denier (talking about the sides of the bum here).



The Denier & Coverage: One thing I do love is that these are touching upon barely black; like the packaging said ‘Make up effect’ – and that is pretty much what it is. It’s like a hint of soft black on the legs making it look like you’re wearing hosiery but still enough leg is shown. I mean like even with the flash on up close, you can hardly tell!


This is perfect for any time of the seasons; you can leave it plain and out during warmer months and then you’re able to layer up during the colder ones. I would easily add another pair on top of this or maybe pop on a pair of knee high socks. Either way this can be worked in so many ways.


The coverage is just great; no patches, no darker here, lighter there etc. on the legs. I am liking how they can be just enough for those who aren’t into hosiery (and are more of a bare-legged fan) with that touch of coverage rather than it looking like you’re wearing a pair.


Oh and let me tell you – no snagging, no catching, no troubles! I was so surprised as I thought there would be a time where these would just snag and rip down the leg, but in actual fact, these are really durable and can withstand a fair bit all day. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re near sharps or something that would actually snag tights, then it most likely would. But I am super impressed as I have been on the move all day and not one little snag has shown up!



My Thoughts?

For how little you pay, I would certainly recommend these to those who haven’t got a pair of 8 denier hosiery in their collection. It is one of the best I have tried yet and I am so glad that I gave them a go.

I actually though that these were going to be rubbish as I got them for hardly anything, but it turned out to be one of the best I have tried so far. No snagging at all, which means the quality is really good.

I love the denier (well the lack of) and how it just gives you that subtle coverage but enough to show that you have something on, and how they glisten on the legs without you even realising that they do! I am mega impressed!



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