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Marilyn Coco Vena Holdups

I really do need to create some more casual outfits rather than smart ones all the time. Even though I do love dressing smart like 95% of the time, that 5% does scream out to me from time to time…

And today is one of those days. Instead of doing a more smart top, I decided to add some colour to my outfit and rock these holdups!

The Spec

Colour: Visone

Size: S/M

Denier: 15

Materials: 84% Polyamide, 16% Elastane

Price: £3.70

Website: Amazon – Ladies Luxury Hold Up Sheer Stockings Hosiery, 8cm Silicone Strap, 15 Denier

My Outfit

I wore my logo t-shirt tucked into my velvet skirt. I thought it set it off quite nicely, giving this smart casual look. You can either dress this with heels, flats, trainers … I went with my peep toe shoe boots instead to keep that casual look going.

My Deets

T-Shirt: New Look

Skirt: H&M

Holdups: Marilyn

Heels: off Amazon



The Review

From The Website: MARILYN was established in 1992. In over 20 years in business the company progressively built and enhanced its position in the hosiery industry. Now, it features the latest generation of luxury goods. The MARILYN range includes: classic line, seasonal fashion line, the line of exclusive hosiery Lux Line, elegant lingerie line Slim Emotion and comfortable cotton underwear ByNature. Our products are addressed to the modern women who appreciate urban chic in a very tasteful way. Thanks to the modern and rigorous quality control MARILYN products are considered to be the highest quality.

The company has been awarded the prestigious title “Excellence Fashion” by luxury women’s magazine “Your Style” twice. In 2012, MARILYN received the award for the rapidly growing business: Business Gazelle 2011. Company is also in possession of ISO certificate 9001:2009 relating to the company quality management system. We offer very good quality products, fashionable design and elegant packaging to make our clients satisfied.

Luxury Fingerless Hold Up Stockings, 8cm Silicone Top
Size S/M HEIGHT 140-165cm (4’7″-5’5″), WEIGHT 40-60kg (88-132 pound), HIPS 88-102cm (35-41 inches)
Size M/L HEIGHT 165-178cm (5’5″- 5’10”), WEIGHT 50-75kg (110 – 165 pound), HIPS 90-120cm (36-48 inches)
Size XL HEIGHT 160-185cm (5’3″- 6’1″), WEIGHT 58-85kg (127 – 187 pound), HIPS 110-130cm (44-52 inches)
84% Polyamide, 16% Elastane
Superior Quality – Made in Europe


The Packaging: as you can see, the front of the packaging shows the model wearing the holdups in black. There is a small window where you can see the colour at the top middle.

When you flip it round, the back goes into little detail about the holdups. Getting into the packaging, these are wrapped around plain card and covered with plastic to preserve them.

These come folded so you get the leg and foot shape to them, which will help to make sure that the seams on the band will sit at the back/side so they’re not on show.


On The Legs: the colour of these weren’t what I was expecting to be honest; I thought they would be slightly more tan than sandy coloured. I mean it’s no issue but it’s not tan is it?! I thought it did work ok for my leg colour; I mean it didn’t make them look pasty which was the main thing, but it didn’t add any extra colour. These would certainly work better on a sunnier day for me if I am honest.

If you’re lighter skinned, I think these would be better suited for you to give you a natural finish.

The quality of these I cannot complain; I loved being in them all day! They haven’t snagged once, nor ripped or caused me any issues throughout the day! I thought they were amazeballs to be in!

The fit of these were just right for my height, and I had plenty of stretch in them to make them sit higher on the thigh than normal. At a push, these could work for a size medium if you had shorter legs or if you don’t mind wearing them mid-thigh.

The feel of them are so soft, and so smooth. They also have a lovely shine to them as well, which I didn’t realise until I decided to do a couple of flash shots for the blog. This completely transformed the whole look for me!


The Toes & Ankle: my favourite part is those reinforced toes! They are super invisible which I love and it makes wearing peep toes so much easier! I didn’t have that darker denier strip going across the toes which would have made it look a little weird compared to the rest of my legs in these boots.

There was plenty of wiggle room for my toes in these, and the fitting around the feet was great too! I had no issues whatsoever.

Around the ankles, it’s a lovely fitted finish.


The Bands: so the bands are 8cm, which to me is the perfect length on the legs! These bands remind me of the CdR Sevilla Holdups; as that band has 3 horizontal strips and these have 4. I do love that look; it makes a change from the floral lace bands you get.

The bands have double silicone strips at the top, which are so great to wear throughout the day. They didn’t lose their grip at all, and still remained by the end of the day.

The joyous thing about these is that they can sit from the mid thigh to top thigh with ease; you can tug them up the legs to find a place where it’s comfortable for you. I always wear mine quite high, and I could wear them with ease all day long.



My Thoughts?

I got to say I wasn’t too sure on the colour, but I am certainly glad I gave these a go. I will be investing in black and other colours for sure when I get time to purchase. I loved the quality of them, the fit was amazing and they looked great on the legs too!

I would recommend these for sure!