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Mapale Black Rose Body by UKLingerie

Got a new one for you all which I am totally buzzing about! Now I can’t do this as I wanted to (showing you slightly more with the suit on) as some followers had to ruin it for everyone (by abusing the images previously), so I did the best I could to show you all!

Now this is lingerie yes, however I have styled it in such a way where you can wear it as an outfit during the day or as a clubbing outfit. Either way, I have turned it from the bedroom into a fashionable piece so you can get rid of that stigma.. All thanks to UKLingerie!

About UKLingerie

UK Lingerie was born on 6th December 2015. Following the success of our first two sites, UK Tights and UK Swimwear. Both my husband Jonathan and I believed that there was a gap in the market for a good online Lingerie reseller who sold quality products to women of all shapes and sizes. The gap was widened by the fact that customer service was not seen to an important factor when dealing with customers. We believed that this was what would set us apart from our competitors and to this day it still does. We will always go that extra mile to help our customers.

Since we started our site, UK Lingerie has grown considerably and is now quite a force to be reckoned with. I am the buyer for the company, choosing all of the new fashion ranges with my assistant Georgina. We travel the world in search of beautiful sleepwear, loungewear and underwear. We want our customers to be able to choose from a wide range so there are new products been added almost daily.

Jonathan and I have 4 children. We have 3 wonderful sons and a gorgeous daughter. Our eldest son Kyle has worked with us from the very beginning and is a vital member of our team. Kyle is our Marketing and Operations Manager and spends time between making sure the warehouse runs smoothly and writing new content for the site.

Warmest regards 

UK Lingerie – Taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Nude Black

Size: Small

Materials:  94% Nylon, 6% Elastane

Price: £47.00

Website: UKLingerie – Mapale Black Rose Body


My Outfit

Okay so I paired these with my high-waisted formal trousers, thin waterfall blazer and my statement hat (because I love wearing this hat when I go out and it looks more ‘SLAY GURL’!

I didn’t add any jewellery, but you can go as minimal or heavy as you like to be honest depending on where you’re going!

My shoes were brown peep toes which went with my hat; you can always opt for wedges or flats.

I would pair this again with some jeans and a shirt on top and rock some Timberlands or Converses if I was going shopping!

My Deets

Waterfall Jacket: Jennyfer

Trousers: Zara

Wide Hat: Aldo

Teddy Suit: UKLingerie



The Review

From The Website: Mapale are right on trend with this new collection and Black Rose is one of the finest examples of this. The sheer panels, wet look material and deep V-neck cut outs are some of the fastest growing kinds of fashion elements right now. They are here in force and they are simply stunning. Black Rose’s bottom half of has a wet look fabric that gives your bum an eye catching shimmer, a V-neck that’s unbeatabley head turning, and sheer fabric panels that reveal much but conceal enough to still be enticing. This is one of their simpler designs, with less frill and less alce than some of their teddy opr babydoll designs, yet this is one of Mapale’s most stunning and sexy numbers yet. NB. Due to the intimate nature of this apparel, we are unable to accept returns on this item unless it is faulty.

* Beautiful teddy
* Hook and eye crotch closure
* Plunge neck line
* 94% Nylon
* 6% Elastane

The Packaging: okay so let’s go! It came in a slimline box – the model showing off the front and the back on either side, along with small details dotted around the packaging. It’s very minimal, but it does. You can always find more on the website if you really want a read!

It comes neatly folded in plastic wrapping (3rd piccy), and this is where you get straight into it!



What You See: is this gorgeous piece! I have to admit, on the model it looks a lot more opaque whereas in person, I find it a lot more see through! The weird thing is on the website it shows it being more transparent on the model – weird packaging!

But I won’t stress about it; we can work with this!! The front is a pale pinky colour, with the whole back exposed and then you have the soft PU bottoms. These aren’t thong like so will cover most of your bum (depending on how big that booty is!)



Getting It On: okay so I cheated and basically left the bottom eye and hook closed on the loosest one and then just lifted it up and tied it at the back. There are multiple ways you can get this one, but it’s whatever will work for you.


What I do love about this is that the straps are loose which means you can tie it how you like – they’re like the bottoms with that soft PU look and feel to them!



When It’s On: it looks amazing. It actually blends into my skin tone a little, which is interesting! I did have to mess with it a little just to make sure that it sat well for me. If this came in X-Small, I would have taken that for sure! It’s a gorgeous bodysuit, but you can tell that it is somewhat bigger on me.


I love the whole look at the front (you can probably pin the two panels together here if you’re smaller chested like me) and the whole back being bare then working into the PU bottom. Mine kept getting exposed as my trousers started to fall slightly down, but I love how I created this look! If I was to wear this in the bedroom only, I wouldn’t really care as much and just roll with it!



The Panels: now this is where I had a slight issue. You clearly need b**bs for this, as they kept moving on me. I should have worn covers underneath which would have helped massively! Anyways, so you can make do with smaller breasts, but it will move so be prepared for that unless you can stick it into place (using body tape!)


So the panels itself are gorgeous; they are very see-through and not opaque like they are on the model. I found that these were slightly big on me as I had a lot of space width-wise, but the more I moved it so it sat flush, the black lace was exposing certain areas on me, so I had to be careful and align correctly! – WHERE ARE THOSE MODESTY PADS OF MINE?!

You can adjust these but the halter-neck straps depending on your cup size, but it’s one of those that you can play around with so it suits your body shape.


The black lace is just to die for; very minimal but then I suppose this was designed more for the bedroom rather than wearing it out like I am! I wish they did have a slight bit more width ways so you don’t need to bother with modesty pads, but then at the same time I love the simplicity of it!



The Bottoms: are super comfy. You won’t really need to wear underwear with this, but that is optional. I did (as always) as I didn’t want the hooks irritating me, but that’s personal choice here. They cover all of the front and most of the bum too (nope I am not showing mine, but I only have a small one, so a lot was covered). As I mentioned before, this will depend on the size of your tushy. The model has a nice one, so hers isn’t as covered as mine was!


The material is really soft and doesn’t irritate either; if anything, it enhances the whole bodysuit. If it was a plain material, it wouldn’t look as effective!


The Hooks: you have different settings to hook them into; you can go tight or give yourself a bit of room and loosen it slightly. I love how you have this option rather than a closed panel on the bottom as it gives you the option to either take it off that way, or if you need the toilet, you don’t need to take the whole suit off to do so!


Multiple ways to take on or off is always a good idea – like I said this is something more for the bedroom, so I’m sure that you don’t want to faff around!



My Thoughts?

I’m certainly glad I am giving this a go, and not as a lingerie piece as such. It just goes to show that you can dress it as daywear too! I love how this looked on, and how it ended up looking like a jumpsuit!

Even though I found it slightly big on me, I still love it! I just have to mess around so it suits my frame, but otherwise I have no complaints whatsoever!

Like I mentioned, I would rock this again with a pair of jeans and see how it turns out then. What I would advise is nipple covers / modesty pads just to make sure that the panels do not move and expose certain bits!!!


3 thoughts on “Mapale Black Rose Body by UKLingerie

  1. I think you styled this perfectly and it definitely looks like the bodysuit is better shown in your manner than just kept for the bedroom. That leads to my only concern with it (the item, not your review) in that this is the first one that I can recall seeing having hoops and hooks as a closure at the bottom instead of snaps. Certainly they are more reliable, but yet also require more fussing to get them on and off.

  2. .. e così, sfogliando le tue foto, sono rimasto senza fiato …. mi hai tolto il respiro per un attimo… mi sono avvicinato per guardare meglio … le tue labbra mi hanno tolto il fiato.