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Manzi 70D Microfibre Soft Opaque Tight

Ohhhh I am so excited about bringing colour in, and I am loving it! I have this great pair of green opaque tights to ty out for you all! I will forewarn you now that these slightly change in the light – I try to get the colour to stay the same whilst shooting, but depending on the lighting and angles, it can slightly vary.

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The Spec

Colour: Green

Size: S/M

Denier: Around 60

Materials: 87% Polyamide, 13% Elastane

Price: £8.99

Website: Amazon – MANZI Womens 70D Coloured Tights Microfibre Soft Fashion Opaque Tights

My Outfit

Going for a little statement look today – because why not? I paired my draped cami with my sequin mini skirt and added simple ankle strap heels to finish the look.

My Deets

Cami Top: Fire Trap

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Manzi

Heels: Lost Ink

The Review

From The Website: Coloured tights are extremely soft and elastic, durable and comfortable fit
Perfect for cosplay tights, and for the coming Halloween, Christmas and New Year
87% Polyamide, 13% Elastane
Fashion trendy colors for your choice, match well with dresses skirts and heels or boots, meet your daily fashion wear
Perfectly cover your body from waist to ankles while stay breathable, make you look slim and sexy
Size S-M, M-L, XL for choice; Colors Black, Grey, White, Royal Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Indigo, Red, Blue for choice

The Packaging

Getting Them On: I’ve tried Manzi before, and I love that they have great stretch to them, so they are super easy to get on! I did my scrunch and roll, taking care of my anklets. I then just rolled them right up the legs and set them in place.

On The Legs: how vibrant is this green? I love how bold and statement-y they are, especially paired with my skirt that matches the tones so well. They are something that not everyone would go for, but you know what? I am so glad I did, and made it into a fashion statement than something that is hidden – I say this as I had a look at some inspo and these types of colours are usually paired with longer dresses or skirts, and not really flaunted.

The quality is really nice, and I feel they are well made. They don’t snag, or damage easily which is always a good sign. Another reason why I like reviewing Manzi.

The fit of these are perfect! I felt I had enough stretch and material to achieve even leg coverage. I would advise checking the sizing guide in case you are in-between sizes. There is also no gapping to be found anywhere – always a good sign.

The feel of these are super soft, and super smooth on the legs. They don’t irritate the skin either, so it has me smiling that I don’t have to fuss around my legs. They are a great pair, and one I have thoroughly enjoyed being in.

The Toes & Ankle: these don’t mention reinforced toes, so I believe they don’t have any additional reinforcement to them. I think as long as your nails are short and smooth, you shouldn’t have any issues with these ripping easily. They are pretty tough, and have a great amount of stretch to them, so damaging this area will be tough.

I had plenty of wiggle room, and no pressure was added around this area either. I also had a smooth, wrinkle free ankle too!

The Waistband & Gusset: now here is where I get a bit of colour change. These are more of the green shown earlier in the blog than this marine colour below.

These come with a lovely band, that holds up well around the waist and doesn’t shimmy down during the day. They hug the waist really well, and stay put until I move them myself.

My Thoughts?

This pair has got me wanting to try out other colours! I love this pair, as they are bold, beautiful and a great quality pair.

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