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Malta Vibes: Silk Suits & Lace

Seeing as this was a hit on my Instagram page, I had a lot of requests asking for this to be a separate blog page. I won’t be doing a full review on it as it’s more about the outfit itself.

The Spec 

Colour: Pink 

Price: £6.99 

Size: Small (UK 6-8) 

Website: Womens Holiday Mini Playsuit Ladies Silk Jumpsuit Summer Beach Party Short Dress


I got this playsuit from eBay and I have to say that it’s not really worth it. They have these weird sizing’s; I went for a small like I normally do and this hardly fit me.

The front of it was so big and baggy, you can practically see inside the playsuit. I love the way that it was all strapped at the front and back, but there was no way you could adjust this unless you cut off the straps and re-stitched them on yourself.


I love the way it looked on though I have to admit. When I first saw it, I fell in love and just ordered it. And what you order is exactly what you get in terms of colour, the cut etc.


I do think it looks super cute with converses for the day, and killer heels in the evening (like I did) for a night out.


I would certainly recommend modesty pads (aka nipple covers) with these as they would show through; it hasn’t got much cover around this area inside the playsuit!


The elasticated waistband on this is just perfect – it isn’t too tight or too loose on me and sat around my belly to make my legs look longer than they actually are!




Overall Thoughts?

I really do love this, but it’s a shame about the sizing if I am honest. Luckily I tried it on with the tags on, so I can just send it back and order myself one that does fit!


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