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Malta & The Lookblog

So as you all know by my Instastory I went away for a week to Malta with my sister, and oh my God it was gorgeous!

I created this small lookblog (instead of lookbook) to just show you the outfits that I wore out there during the day and when we went out in the evening.

It was a 3 hour flight from London, and as soon as we stepped off the plane, it was raining!!! It was literally like home from home; when we left London it was bladdy raining as well!

So for the first couple of days, we were out sightseeing doing the tourbus, went to Valletta and St Paul’s Bay (we were staying in St Julian’s) and it was so amazing. The only bad thing was that I got a right shitty sunburn on my thigh and then on my forearms, so I had to cover up as much as I could to make sure that didn’t get worse while I was over there.

To top it all off, I ended up getting a huge bite on my leg, which you might be able to see in some of the pictures below! It has only started to clear up now being back home, but my god it hurt like hell! So I established that they have mozzies over there!

I have to mention they are so like us over there – speaking English and listening to the tunes that we do. The main one that was played everywhere was Despacito (no suprise!) If you haven’t heard it already, then check out the link below!!!



So let me crack on with what I wore:

Beach Day

I wore my black crochet knit top, paired with denim shorts and jelly sandals! I wore a white crochet dress cover up for most of the day and then whipped it off when the beach was in view!




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In the evening I went with my striped bodycon dress, along with a light casual blazer and my flip flops because I was too lazy to actually get shoes on!




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Trip Down To The Blue Lagoon

I opted for my blue flowy cami top, with my white denim shorts and flip flops once again! However the key piece here is what is under the cami top – the criss-cross bralet, which works so well underneath! Only bad thing here is tan lines!




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In the evening, I went with a lace bra underneath my rouched crop top and paired with my cream lace miniskirt. I thought it was enough to go to dinner in, and with the flip flops on once again it made it more casual than dressy!




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Off To Gozo

So we were heading to another island by boat today, and I wanted to cover up a little to begin with to stop tanning so much! I went with my black crochet knit again under my panda t-shirt and my black high-waisted shorts! This time I wore my black pumps and not my damn flip flops!




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We didn’t really go out in the evening as we got back late, so no outfit to show here!


Lazy Day @ The Hotel

So we had a lazy one at the hotel, just jamming out and this was my opportunity to catch up on my blogging and coursework! I went for my off-the-shoulder crop top, along with my white skater skirt and jelly sandals. I tied my hair slick back, which apparently made me look Italian today (I think it’s the tan more than the look!)




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In the evening, I decided to dress up for the sake of it. I went for my new plunge dress, which I teamed with my lace bra, added a belt to make it look a little more, and went with jelly sandals once again.




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Beach Day Part 2

I went with my floral crop top (teamed with a cream bikini underneath), my black lace shorts and jelly sandals again!!!




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In the evening, I decided to go smart casual and I absolutely loved this throw-on look! It took me 2 mins and I loved it! I wore my cream lace bralette with my denim shorts and teamed with my blazer and pumps! It totally worked out so well!




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