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Malloom Black Lycra Wet Look Stockings

So these have been seriously delayed in getting reviewed as I had a lot of others to catch up on including some for LegsLavish Exclusive!

Anyways this is my first pair of wet look stockings so I was pretty stuck on what to wear. I mean they’re not the type to wear out in public unless it’s fancy dress! So I decided to purely focus on them instead of a complete outfit to go with it. I would recommend teaming up with lingerie if you’re into that sort of thing but with an outfit, I would need some time to think about how to make it appropriate!!

In one of the images, you will see that I’m wearing a hoodie with it – only because it’s cold here and I couldn’t be bothered to get a dress or skirt on! It’s mainly about how the stocking look on the legs when standing and not rolling all over the bed!


The Review

I think it has to be one of the worst packaging I have ever seen – it came in a grey parcel bag and then when you open that it’s a half ripped plastic wallet that these were sitting in. no image, no description of what they were – nothing at all!

So you’ll find with these that they are folded inside out – good luck trying to unfold them outwards! I nearly ended up tearing them! They are so hard to pull apart and when you do, it keeps twisting so you end up trying to pull the stitching apart! It was a mission to do but got there in the end. You will be able to see this in the first image (so you know what I mean!)

There are no subtle shaping to these at all, so time to scrunch and roll! Getting them on won’t be a problem over anklets as it’s just a generic one size pair. I do have to say I like the way they fit around the toes – very snug and still enough room to wiggle! However the rest of the leg, I am not so impressed with! You will see behind the ankle a massive gap where the stocking does not sit flush against the leg. The same happens again under the knees, however it isn’t so bad there as the material thins out slightly.

Getting to the top, the lace design is quite pretty I have to say. it does finish off the wet look and add a bit of sexy to it rather than a cut-off point. I tried these with and without a suspender belt and I have to say it is most needed. They fall down so easily on the legs!!

The quality – it isn’t great at all but then again these are cheap to buy so you wouldn’t expect something great. They feel slightly rough on the top when you runs your hands on them.


So what do I think? I think they’re fine for bedroom antics but not worth buying if you’re thinking of wearing these on a more frequent basis. I don’t think they are worth it (even though they are cheap) but I suppose they will do if you’re on a budget. It wouldn’t have been so bad if they actually shaped to the legs rather than a sack!!!


4 thoughts on “Malloom Black Lycra Wet Look Stockings

  1. Looking at them purely from a man’s selfish perspective 😉 they tick all the boxes as far as I’m concerned.
    Loving all your posts and reviews.
    Pray continue.