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Maison Close Sheer Cut & Curled Stockings

And bring on a new brand in my hosiery collection! I was super excited to receive these in the post prior to my birthday from my amazing follower. I had never heard of this brand before, so I had to go digging. I found out that they are French – and high-end targeted! Read more about the brand below…


About Maison Close

Maison Close: more than a brand, a philosophy and a lifestyle.

Since 2006, the collections of Monsieur le Français have inspired a new impetus to high-end erotic lingerie.

Imagine rich and sensual collections to magnify women, make them quaint and desirable, without excluding an essential notion of comfort: this is the bias of the avant-garde brand and subtly irreverent, crowned “Boudoir Brand of the Year” in the Kingdom United in 2013 and “Seduction Brand of the Year” in France in 2015.

Confidential collections with Haute Couture tones, Personal “second skin” to wear every day, not to mention the lines of playful and refined accessories: Every material, detail and finish is the bet of quality for unparalleled maintenance.

Brothel ? A unique brand whose success is undeniable as evidenced by numerous publications in the press and the large community federated by the brand on social networks.

Carried by her subtle allusions to the libertinism of the Belle Epoque, and constant references to Haute Couture, Maison Close radiates a strong identity and seduced the greatest photographers, stylists and fashion icons: Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne or Rihanna and more than just customers: fans.

Already present in more than 25 countries, through prestigious retailers, Maison Close has reached a milestone in the fall of 2015 by opening its first Flagship Store in the heart of SoHo, in New York. This exceptional setting, where the collections are presented for the first time in their entirety, reflects the codes that characterize the label of the Frenchman: Elegance, pace, and a touch of provocation, to embody better than ever the Seduction to the French.

– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Noir / Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane

Price: £14.00

Website: naughty Knickers – Maison Close Sheer Cut & Curled Stockings 20 Denier


My Outfit

T-Shirt: Open

Stockings: Maison Close

Suspender Belt: 4 x Plastic Clasp



The Review

From The Website: This particular ‘cut and curled’ type of stocking is an original creation by Monsieur le Français, founder of Maison Close, who used to cut off tights during his early lingerie photo shoots, to pair with garter belts. He founds that all the models loved them and started to produce them under Maison Close Accessories. The cut and curled stockings have become a Maison Close must have.

Maison Close Sheer Cut & Curled Stockings 20 Denier.
20 denier stockings.
No top welt – cut & curled finish.
Available in 5 sizes.
Packaged in a signature Maison Close box.
Fabric: 85% polyamid, 15% elastane.
Made in Italy.


The Packaging: so I gotta say I am loving the packaging of these. A right cute box it comes in, with the model wearing the pair inside at the front. It’s bold, it’s attractive, it certainly appeals to the eye!

The back doesn’t got into a lot of detail; this is a standard blurb that is used on all their packaging (as I have 2 more pairs to review):

When you get in, you will find these looking super small like they would fit up to your knee, but this means they have got some nice stretch to them! As you can see from the tip of my finger to just past my elbow, this is how short they are!

Oh let me mention that these have a gorgeous smell to them; very similar to Trasparenze when they are brand new out the pack! They smell so divine!

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Getting Them On: with slow movements up the feet and legs, I wore my satin gloves to make sure I get these to glide on with ease (and not causing any snags!) I took extra care over anklets (I would remove any sharp ones if you wanted to wear them) and up they go!


On The Legs: as you can see, these sat a lot lower than I normally tend to wear them purely because I wanted to show the non-existing welt off.

The denier is great on the legs; it has a gorgeous coverage for normal daytime wear, but when the flash hits, they automatically become this stunner piece. Little did I know that these have a hidden shine to them! They look absolutely amazing on!

The quality is stunning; I would say they are near enough as great as Wolford if not in line with them to be honest. They feel so great on the legs, and look like a dream throughout the day.

The fit of them are just right for wearing them mid-thigh, however I did struggle to wear them higher due to the sizing. I would need to go one size up to enable me to wear them just under the tushy. You can try to sit them higher if you wish but you would need some better holding clasps to do so 🙂


The Toes & Ankle: so these have that lovely reinforced strip going across the toes, which is a bonus for me as you don’t get these on many stockings. I feel it adds another element to them, and this is something that you can play around with – creating different looks with sandals and peep toes if you fancy it!

Around the ankles – just see the pic below… That’s all I’m gonna say 🙂


The Band: now this non-band is just a dream. At first I didn’t know how to be with it as I was so scared that it might rip or the clasp is gonna create holes or something, but I gotta say this material is damn good. Even though my clasps were plastic, these held up so well for the whole day!

It’s great not having a welt to be honest as this allows you to have that straight cut off point on the stockings. Don’t get me wrong I love welts on stockings anyways, but now trying a pair that doesn’t, it changes your perspective. It creates such a sexier look on the legs under your clothing (or in this case with my clothing over it)

The only downside I see to this is under bodycon clothing; I would feel that the rolled bit at the top would raise through.



My Thoughts?

I am so in love with these stockings. The fact that they have no actual welt is just incredible!

I love the quality of these; they truly do feel luxurious on the legs and they last as long as you treat them well!


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  1. Great Scott amazaballs Soni….Looks so great on your legs….. You might discover more unknown brands or hidden gems 😉 🙂