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Maison Close Opaque Cut & Curled Stockings

And Day 3 in the opaques! Now I gotta say these are pretty much the same as the sheer cut & curled ones I did 2 days ago, so I won’t really have much to say about these.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2

Denier: 70

Materials: 85% polyamid, 15% elastane

Price: £17.00

Website: Naughty Knickers – Maison Close Opaque Cut & Curled Stockings 70 Denier


My Outfit

Now working with something that a lot of people could pull off for work instead of my weird and wonderful; I wore my cream jumper dress, tied a small rope belt to give me a bit of shape (it’s a shapeless jumper), added gold hoop earrings and wore my black boots with these. The boots I left in the car as I had errands to run after work (and forgot to get them out to do my photos!)

My Deets

Jumper Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Belt: off eBay

Earrings: Dorothy Perkins

Stockings: Maison Close

Suspender Belt: 6 x metal clasp



The Review

From The Website: This particular ‘cut and curled’ type of stocking is an original creation by Monsieur le Français, founder of Maison Close, who used to cut off tights during his early lingerie photo shoots, to pair with garter belts. He founds that all the models loved them and started to produce them under Maison Close Accessories. Made in Italy, the cut and curled stockings have become a Maison Close must have.

Packaged in a signature Maison Close box, gift ready.
Available in 5 sizes.
Opaque 70 denier stockings.
No top welt – cut & curled finish.
Fabric: 85% polyamid, 15% elastane.
Made in Italy.


The Packaging: like the two I have done previously, this is exactly the same. The only difference is that these are opaque (LOL!)

The outer package is the same, the inside packaging is the same, the new smell is the same…


On The Legs: so getting them on I didn’t use hosiery gloves this time as I wanted to see how I got on without them (I normally get on ok without them – I don’t know why I said that!)

Anyways these went up the legs just fine, and like I did with my nude pair, I sat these higher up the legs rather than mid-thigh.

On the legs, these look stunning. These are 70 denier and you can really tell. They nearly block out most of your legs which I like, and paired with lighter colours, it really does look amazing.

The quality has not changed at all; still treating me well and reciprocating this back!

I do love how smooth these look on the legs, and to touch they are super silky soft. I thought being 70 denier they would have a slight wooly-roughness to them, but they  actually don’t at all.


The Toes & Ankle: now as you can see, the toes are pretty much blacked out. You can only see a small pop of colour on the toes. And another thing that is different is the reinforced strip. There isn’t anything visible here, but I don’t doubt that there isn’t one there 🙂

Around the ankles, these are still looking flush and smooth regardless of the higher denier 🙂


The Band: now this time I am using my 6-clasp belt with these, to try metal against them instead of plastic. I thought metal might slip easily with these, but actually they don’t whatsoever. The cut and curl is a genius idea I gotta say!!!

They hold up really well, they have stayed put the whole day and under this dress I can’t say that the curl has popped through!



My Thoughts?

Maison Close – it has been a pleasure. For some great luxurious stockings, I am definitely recommending these stockings to everyone. I love the way they fit, felt, looked and how amazeballs they actually are. I haven’t come across a pair in a while that has blown me away with something so different … And Maison Close has done that for me!