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Maidenform ‘Sexy Shaping’ Bodyshaper

Yep back in them once again on this horrible day! I have to admit lately trying to pick outfits has been so hard; my head is everywhere and even when I’ve decided on one the night before, the next morning I end up changing it again.

I had a whinge about it to my mum because it was just annoying me so bad, so for those of you out there who think I can do it with my eyes shut and pick an outfit that will go, sadly I can’t (well not right now anyways)!


Anyways so back to Maidenform! Another new brand on the scene that I haven’t reviewed before, so excited to give these a go.

Once again I have tried to search everywhere for a bit of blurb to go with the brand, but couldn’t find anything! I will keep on hunting and will update the blog as soon as I do!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Control: Medium

Materials: 77% Nylon, 23% Spandex

Denier: 40

Price: £13.99

Website: UKTights – Maidenform High Waist Body Shaper Tights 


My Outfit

After a million and one changes last night, I decided to settle for my ribbed crop top with my cream patterned skirt (being the subtle statement piece)  with my black crossover courts!

Jewellery: added small gold studs and the double choker!

Simple, but effective enough!

My Deets

Choker: Topshop

Top: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Tights: Maidenform


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The Review

From The Website: Maidenform’s lingerie and shape wear has been amazing us with its powerful shaping capabilities for years and their new range of tights is no different. This is the garment from Maidenform that offers the most coverage of all their designs. With a higher waist it sculpts from your hips right up to the top of your tummy, and with a medium compression, it is ideal for massaging your legs without stifling them.

* 40 denier

* High waist comfort waistband

* Tummy control

* Waist sculpting

* 77% Nylon

* 23% Spandex


The Packaging: is this cute little cardboard that comes. The front shows the model wearing the hosiery and a little bit about them at the front, and when you flip over it goes into a little more detail:

“The sexy way to achieve a fabulous hourglass shape!”

“High waist comfort waistband with elastic inside, helps to stay in place.

Sexy shaping flat seamed panty with graphic stripes accent and no VPL.

Smooth and sculpt mid torso for ultimate tummy control.

X-Temp Constant Comfort. Designed to adapt to your body temperature for all day comfort.

40 Denier – medium matte opaque leg coverage


Inside, they’re wrapped as a square (which is super cute) and as soon as you unfold them out, that’s where the fun begins!



Getting Them On: so scrunch and roll people! And it’s easy to do in these compared to some control hosiery. You feel a slight tightness but it’s not as bad as you’d think! Oh and before I forget, you may want to turn the silicone band outwards (so you don’t get them rubbing against you – unless you want to!) before you start rolling them on!



The Waistband: is very interesting; the first I have ever come across! It has a silicone band on them! now just remember these are high waist shaper so they do come higher than the belly button and sit just a few inches under the bust. At first it felt weird, but then once you get moving you actually forget that you have a pair on.


I have to admit they don’t feel tight on my body at all, I thought they would be clenching on for dear life, but they’re super comfortable.

The brief part is pretty interesting too – they work from the top and become a brief style around the bum and front area, which means you get sheer goodness from the toes right up. I do like their cute cut out design at the side too – to try and make it look like you’re wearing underwear. Bring on the minis!



The Toes: I find myself having to pull them to release pressure every so often in these. One foot keeps being pulled back and the other is completely fine! I would be vary of long toenails in these as the last thing you need is for them to go right through, as there is no mention of them having reinforced toes! Otherwise I am loving the coverage; very sassy and alluring I got to say!



On The Legs: they’re just perfect. They are so damn soft, and you notice that as soon as you glide them up your legs. You wouldn’t expect that at all from a pair of bodyshaper tights, but these are a dream. I have to admit they feel like an expensive pair of hosiery! I just can’t get over how nice they feel; I even took loads of pics on my Instastory that day I wore them!



The Denier: I cannot express enough how much I am loving these. They’re a lovely matte finish, silky as anything and they feel like a dream on the legs. I was a bit wary with it being 40 as it could be thick or quite sheer, and these are on the sheer side (YAY!).


The denier does change a little on the legs depending on where you pull and where you settle them; you may want to slowly just let go up the leg rather than pull right up so you get all the gathering at  the top. I had to do it a few times to make sure that they look slightly even rather than sheer patched dotted all over the legs.



My Thoughts?

I’m in love. They’re totally different to what I have reviewed before, and they are just heavenly. I love the denier, love the feel and certainly love the job that they do! They’re affordable, easy to get on and no snagging issues have come about!

I would certainly recommend if you’re looking for control top tights, or just for general wear too!

Thank you Maidenform – I’m sure I will be getting more hosiery from your range soon!!!!!!

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