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Love Your Legs Large Circle Fishnet Tights

Yep yep babes – I am loving this Fishnet Friday feeling and gonna keep it up as long as I have new fishnets to review!

This time you will be happy to know that I have layered these up with a fantastic gloss pair – I won’t reveal the name yet but keep on scrolling down 😉

The Spec

Size: One Size

Colour: Black

Price: £5.00

Bought From: Love Your Legs


My Outfit

Okay so I had a day off, which means I can finally play – this means I can dress how I want to!

I decided to rock it with my oversized black shirt, shorts underneath (hidden), double layered tights and then I rocked my trainers with them when I went out. I wanted it to be focused on the tights, so left the footwear out of this review.

To funk it up, I added my new corset belt just to give it something more. I love edgy looks – you can dress it really dark or girl it up!

My Deets

Shirt: In The Style

Corset Belt: In The Style

Gloss Tights: CDR Vidrio Tights / Colour: TE

Net Tights: Love Your Legs

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The Review

So let me give you the lowdown taken from the website to kick-start the review:

94% Nylon

6% Elastane

Handwash and dry separately 

No gusset 

Fashionable large circle fishnet black tights perfect to add that bit of style to your outfit!

The Packaging: when it came to me is something that it already ready to go! It only has the cardboard outside and then the tights are ready to go (once you pull the cardboard out!) It doesn’t state the size on there, but shows the sizing guide at the back as a rough estimate.


Now before I continue, I have done something awesome for you all, I have done a double pic so you can see the contrast with no flash and the other with flash!


The Waistband: I gotta say sat pretty loose on me. Luckily I had sheers on underneath which helped keep them from sliding down, but as these are one size they aren’t as fitted as I thought they would have been. If you’re slightly bigger than me on the waist I don’t think you will have a problem.


The Toes: are tricky with gloss sheers but I got there in the end. The caps wouldn’t sit on my toes and kept scrunching together but I got them to sit flat against the toes after some playing around to take the images below! Without the sheers I am sure that they would sit snug against the toes, but with these it was hard work!


The Design: is to die for. I love the whole circle net look – it plays with my eyes a little! If you keep looking at it, it starts to look out of focus when that’s actually just your eyes playing tricks! Seeing as this is one size, it gives you enough room to stretch and adjust as much as you want. I didn’t have to pull them up too high – so I managed to keep most of the circles the same size on the legs which was a bonus as normally they stretch a lot on the thighs!


With the sheers underneath it just enhances the look of them, and it would be the same with black sheers as well (depending on your preference really!) I love them with gloss as it just gives it that extra hit when the sun shines on them and way better than bare leg!


Closeups: are what I love about hosiery, especially nets. You get to see how they’re stitched to give that look, and especially with sheers underneath it just enhances them.

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Overall Thoughts?

I have fallen in love – I am loving these nets and think they are such a good spin on the current fishnet trend at the moment!

The quality is great, the pattern is mesmerising and next time I will be putting them with black plain sheers!


4 thoughts on “Love Your Legs Large Circle Fishnet Tights

  1. Hi Soni,
    usually, I don’t like fishnets on my skin. But layering with sheer pantyhose is a very good idea! Maybe black sheers are looking more elegant… 😉