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Love Your Legs Lace Invisible Shoeliners

And now we have a pair of footies I like to call them (or shoeliners to others!)

I haven’t reviewed a pair before but I own shed loads of them – I always tend to wear mine with converses, toms, my pumps and sometimes with heels if I’m not wearing hosiery.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Price: £2.50

Website: Love Your Legs 1 Pack Lace Invisible Shoeliners



The Review

So I’m going straight in by starting off with some info taken from the website:

Shoe Size UK 3-7
Shoe Size EU 36-42
Hand wash dry and separately
Anti slip sole
Super cute lace shoeliners available in 5 different colours!


The Packaging: these came wrapped in plastic but I was too eager so removed it before I could take a picture. The come attached to cardboard as seen below


Getting Them On: the first thing you feel is how soft and comfortable they actually are. You will find a thick silicone band on the lace going around the WHOLE sock (which is a first for me as I have only ever seen the silicone grip at the back of the ankle), so I am loving this!

This just means that they aren’t going anywhere; they’re not slowly slipping off your feet in your shoes, they aren’t being turned inside out whilst you’re walking etc.


How They Feel: they are super comfortable, not tight on the feet and no pressure on the toes. All the top part is lace and at the bottom (well from the side of the foot really) it turns into a solid texture so it’s more comfortable. I have had lace ones before but it actually does hurt your feet after a long day, and it’s not a nice feeling when the lace rubs and digs into your skin either!

So I’m glad that these have the bottom that they do!


The Anti-Slip Sole: is a brilliant idea. I have pairs that don’t have this and when I’m walking around the house in them, I always tend to skid across the floor. Even in shoes, I always feel my feet slipping if they aren’t perfectly fitted.

So having the anti-slip sole is a neat idea to stop your foot from slipping and sliding everywhere!


How They Look On: they just look adorable. I didn’t socks like this could, but they actually do. And I think they would look great with court shoes that have perspex sides to them or are a low cut on the foot, so these show through and just add to it. I like how the lace does cover a lot of the foot; I have some that don’t and only cover the toes and the heel with the sides being super slim so you can’t tell you have any on.



Overall Thoughts?

I love them. Even though it’s not a hosiery review, these are perfect to wear for summer if you’re not a fan of covering your legs.

The next thing I want to try with these is to wear them with hosiery and see how the silicone is against them. It would feel weird, but I’m willing to give it a go.

Thank you Love You Legs! These are super sweet!

One thought on “Love Your Legs Lace Invisible Shoeliners

  1. Oh how cute! Like you I’ve never seen these with silicon all the way around, only at the back. Love those anti-slip flowers/stars on the bottom too! I’m a little surprised/disappointed that they only have one size available.