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Liss Kiss Fishnet Holdups

FISHNET FRIDAY IS BACK – as a one off as I still need to get some more pairs in my wardrobe! Anyone got any funky unique ones they want to share a link to? I need to update so badly!

Now let me apologise as these were bought ages ago, and I have been trying to find them all over the Internet and have had no luck, so I can’t recommend you a pair right now! If you have come across a pair, then please let me know so I can add it onto the blog for others to view!!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size


My Outfit

Okay so I went a little different today – and my work lot even loved it! I opted for my drawstring shirt dress along with my navy booties to match. It’s more toned down and not to sex-appeal like (for once). I wanted to target those who like hosiery but don’t always want it to look OTT and just a subtle piece.

I hurt my foot the other day, so I had to opt for lower heels! There is no way I could be in flats – I don’t mind when I’m driving but everywhere else I need my heels!

My Deets

Shirt Dress: New Look

Holdups: Liss Kiss

Booties: Marks & Spencers


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The Review

The Packaging: very bare basic. You don’t actually see any information about the product anywhere on the packaging, so it’s hard to try and figure it out!

Getting inside you find them individually folded and ready to go really.



Getting Them On: Okay so these are so stretchy so don’t worry at all about getting them on and if they’re gonna fit. You can make the diamonds as small or big as you like – mine was small and then went bigger near the thighs (as they normally do) – which looked pretty awesome! I would be mindful of sharp anklets here, otherwise they’re good with others.



On The Legs: I love the fit! They don’t hug the legs as you would like them to, but they still look awesome. The denier on these are really thick so they do certainly stand out compared to others that are a more ‘lighter’ fishnet I like to call it. The backseam is just to die for! I love that it’s a plain front and then you get the little goody when you turn around!



Gapping: you will get this with these. As they’re one size and quite a stretchy net, when you bend, you will get gapping under the knees. Nothing major or too horrible to look at, but just be warned.



The Backseam: is just the most cutest thing ever! I love it! I’ve never come across a pair like this before, and it certainly turned heads! The seam starts from the toe seam and worked all the way to the band. The bows sat around mid calf but this can be adjusted depending on how much you pull it up! It’s just too adorable!



The Band: a really lovely one to be honest. It’s a large design – nothing too intricate which actually works well with the fishnet. The silicone is pretty good to be honest; not the best as it starts to lose grip during the day, but otherwise pretty good! I wouldn’t recommend these on a drunken night out as the silicone won’t stick so well to sweaty legs!



The Toes: just bare basic once again. No smaller netting around the toes, so peeps and open toe shoes can go well with these. You do get the seam which sits just under the nails but this can be adjusted to suit you! I would be careful with long toenails as if they’re against the shoes and rubbing slowly on the net, it could cause a rip!



That RIP: killed me! It happened first thin in the morning and I had to bear it the whole day! I was so tempted to change into my sheers but I stuck it out and tried not to die a little each time I looked down! I have no idea how it happened until I heard a pop and I saw this damn hole looking at me! Thank God it was on the inner leg and not the outer!



My Thoughts?

For what you get, these are really good. The quality is ok; nothing too special but does the job well! I love the backseam on this and the fact that they’re holdups is even better. So it means if you seam moves out of place, it’s easy to rectify the problem than having to pull your tights down and readjust!

I am digging these for sure!


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