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Levante Evolution 50D Velvet Look Tights

Yep it’s pretty cold and that means that thicker deniers are out (well sometimes in my case). This is one of many styles I get to review from Levante, and I am super excited to try these out.

Now what makes these so amazing? These have a 3D effect to them and are supposed to be super comfortable to wear. Let’s see how I get on…

Also I could’t find a website that stocks these, so I had to get hold of an eBay seller instead.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 50

Materials: 90% Polyamide, 8% Elastane, 2% Cotton

Price: £6.99

Website: eBay – LEVANTE evolution 50 denier opaque 3D effect velvet look tights Black/Navy

My Outfit

I dressed mine up today wearing a pearl jumper tucked into my statement floral skort and added some plain black heels to the look. To make it a little more OTT, I opted for a red jacket on top to really set it all off.

My Deets

Jumper: H&M

Skort: Missguided

Jacket: Zara

Tights: Levante

Heels: Lost Ink



The Review

The Packaging: so there isn’t much to the packaging as you can see below. The front shows the model wearing the pair and the back goes into a little more detail. When you get in, you will find these folded around plain card ready to get on.


Getting Them On: well I can vouch for the velvet look and soft touch feel. As I was rolling them up my legs, they felt so soft! These are fine going over anklets by the way and hosiery gloves aren’t really needed here either.



On The Legs: they feel so amazing against the skin – both inside and out. For 50 denier, I think they are amazing. They are so soft and really smooth no matter how much you try to stretch them out on the legs.

The fit of them are true to size and there is enough elasticity in them to hug the legs really well and give you even coverage.

The quality of them are real good, and I mean they have been fab to me all day long. I was in contact with a lot of things that can snag and bobble up my tights, but these have not damaged at all! I do think these are fabulous!

The only thing I will say that is these do pick up particles, so you will need to dust yourself off now and again to keep them looking fresh black. Apart from that, these have been great!

Another thing – was I warm? Well let me tell you that these do retain a small amount of heat in them which I do really like. I assumed they would be like a thinner pair and just let go of all heat, but I can certainly count on these in future if I didn’t wanna wear a thicker denier to keep me warm.


The Toes & Ankle: I am super psyched that these have reinforced toes to them! I didn’t think they would as they are a thick denier anyways, but with that little extra it means your protected. I still would say make sure that your nails aren’t too sharp or long as you wanna preserve these right?

Around the toes, they have enough wiggle room and no pressure is applied during the day either. The feet and ankles have a lovely fitted finish with no wrinkles in sight.



The Waistband: well as you can see below, this is what ended up happening near to the end of my day. They have been great all day long, but the longer I was in them for, the more that kept on happening. It didn’t fully roll over itself (thank goodness) but this was annoying enough.

Apart from that, the band is so comfortable to wear around the waist and they hold up the tights so well too. It was a lovely fit and I had no issues with that 🙂



My Thoughts?

I gotta say I loved being in this pair. Who knew 50 deniers look and feel so amazing! I loved the feel of them and that gorgeous jet black look they had to them. The quality is great, the fit is perfect and I would certainly recommend these!

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