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Levante Micronet Tights

Roll on Fishnet Friyay in a brand which I have not been in for so long! Levante is a pretty nice brand when it comes to hosiery – and what makes it even better is that it’s affordable and you get quality too!

Now my little pairing was done with some super killer heels yesterday – I said to myself:
Let’s spice it up a little and do something I haven’t done before” and voila! Out comes this gorgeous black number!

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: Medium

Denier: Around 50

Materials: 88% Polyamide, 12% Elastane

Price: £7.99

Website: UKTights – Levante Micronet Tights

My Outfit

Now I know this looks like some funeral outfit, but I gotta say I love it. Proper classy and it makes such a statement without even trying! I wore my off-the-shoulder dress paired with a drop down choker necklace and added some fancy heels to the mix. You can easily wear plain court shoes or sandals, but I wanted to go a little extra and wore some statement heels to finish off the look.

My Deets

Dress: Femme Luxe

Tights: Levante

Heels: River Island

Necklace: Gifted



The Review

From The Website: Fine net tights very popular for people who like the smaller fishnet look. As a chic evening statement or a savvy day look they encapsulate perennial style.

* Fine net
* Excellent value
* 88% Polyamide
* 12% Elastane


The Packaging: very vintage looking – and I love it! The front shows the model wearing the tights, along with the brand and model name, including size.

The back doesn’t go into much detail to be honest; it’s more about the sizing guide and hosiery care.

When you get in, you will find these flat packed and wrapped around plain card. They do feel slightly rough to touch, but I am hoping they won’t be so bad on the legs later!


Getting Them On: okay so there is very minimal elastic in these, which means they will feel quite rough gliding up the legs. It’s nothing that would irritate or make them itch, but it’s a different type of material which I am not certainly used to.

I did my usual scrunch and roll technique, making sure I take care over anklets and not tugging too hard up the legs.



On The Legs: okay so these are a medium, which I wasn’t too sure how it was gonna go. However I must say that these are such a gorgeous fit and really do hug the legs well. I thought I would have needed a small (as that’s my usual size) but actually I’m glad I got to try the medium as these fit me perfectly – which makes me wonder if the small would have been a little too tight?

The quality of these are great; I did manage to catch it in one area before, so you will see a little mishap on one of the legs in a photo below. Otherwise these have been absolutely great! There is hardly any stretch in these, so you will need to tug a little here and there, but do take care in doing so, so you don’t end up creating any unwanted holes.

The fit as I mentioned before, is just wonderful. They really do hug the legs well and stay in place all day. As they don’t have  shiny coating or anything, you won’t find these moving against the legs when you walk. If anything, they just stay put until you roll them down.

The feel of them are still slightly rough, but they don’t irritate the legs at all let me add. I thought after being in them for a few hours they might, but actually they don’t at all. These can be quite easily to catch, so do be careful when you’re in them (I had to take extra care as I’m always bumping into things).

Now these nets are slightly different to fishnets, as they are super micro. This means that you get more of a solid look rather than the sheerness peering through. I do love that sometimes as this makes them more appropriate for work than most fishnets –

“sexy yet classy is the perfect way to describe them”


The Toes & Ankle: have a cute little plain reinforcement strip going across, which makes it slightly harder to wear open toe sandals (like mine) with them, but I just didn’t care today – I rolled with it.

They are a lovely fit around the toes and feet as well, and these don’t move at all once they’re on. Once again like the legs, they can feel slightly rough, but it’s something that you will get used to once you start walking in them and taking your mind off it.

As you can see around the ankles, it’s a lovely smooth finish.


The Waistband: is a real good one! I have loved being in these all day; they have not only stayed up so well around the waist, but they are so comfortable to be in and they actually don’t feel like you’re wearing one.

It’s quite slim compared to some tights I have worn in the past, but they fit really well. I was slightly worried when I saw they were a medium, but in actual fact they fit like a glove.




My Thoughts?

Honestly I love these. I was hesitant with these being a medium, but actually they were the perfect fit, which means a small would have been quite tight. I would recommend maybe going one size up due to the lack of elasticity in these ensuring you get more of a comfortable fit.

Otherwise I absolutely love them and they were so nice to be in!

2 thoughts on “Levante Micronet Tights

  1. Another great review and they look great on your legs and know they would look great on mine. Love the waist band and the way you said they hugged your legs these are my kind of tights. I have fishnets , fence nets. pothole tights plus have rhinestone fishnets but these I don’t have love the idea of the look of the micronet I will be getting a pair of these. THANK YOU