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Levante Class Gloss Shine 12D Tights

Another little number from Elegant Up that I get to do! I was pretty hesitant about these as this is a colour I wasn’t too sure about. I didn’t know how it was gonna look on the legs, so I kept avoiding until I decided to woman up and get them on! I do have some pairs that I struggle with, because my mind either goes berserk with ideas or it goes blank and I sit there and stare at my wardrobe!

The Spec

Colour: Antracite 

Size: Small

Denier: 12

Materials: 82% Polyamide, 15% Lycra, 3% cotton

Price: $12.00



My Outfit

Grey fever with a bit of stripe today! I went with my off-the-shoulder stripe top, along with my grey maxi skirt and booties to finish it off. Now you will notice that the split is pinned a little – work doesn’t like the splits to be too high. I know it looks weird but that’s the only way I can get away with doing skirt like this hehe!

I added a silver choker into the mix and boom! Left my hair all bedhead like!

My Deets

Top: H&M

Skirt: off eBay

Booties: Marks & Spencers

Choker: Topshop

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The Review

Off The Website: CLASS / 12 Den

Class pantyhose are glossy and great for day or night, work or play. Made from the finest of sheer Italian hosiery yarns and held to the same high standards as all Levante products. Incredible value for money, as well as being generally very long lasting.

– Light comfort brief

– Cotton gusset

– Glossy sheer

– Reinforced toe

82% Polyamide, 15% Lycra

Made in Italy


The Packaging: I quite like it. It’s different to what I normally see (in terms of the colour, the glossy packaging etc.) – the back gives you more info about the hosiery:

  • Light comfort brief
  • Cotton gusset
  • Glossy sheer 12 denier appearance pantyhose
  • Reinforced toe


Getting Them On: so please use hosiery gloves. These are very delicate, and I know this as I managed to snag them already and a couple more times over my anklets too! Be warned that these are fragile!

I used the scrunch and roll, but you will certainly need to take care over anklets (I would advise removing any sharp ones) as it managed to snag over mine that aren’t sharp or could snag in any way!


On The Legs: I actually love the appearance. I have to admit I was so hesitant and now I have no idea as to why I was! I am loving this colour; it’s a very subtle dark grey coverage which would pretty much work with everything! I paired with all grey at the bottom and kept the top statement-y but now I’m gonna experiment a little! I love the 12D coverage is it’s just perfect and that gloss is to die for. My legs look amazing and super oily!


The Toes: loving this reinforced toe business right here! The fact that it’s a thicker denier but still sheer is just to die for. I think it would look pretty awesome with some peep toes if you like that sort of thing, but I am totally in love!



The Waistband: a good thinnish waistband which stays up all day! The band is cotton-like and is comfortable to be in all day. I tested out the elastic and it’s pretty impressive; is quite hard to stretch out a lot so you will need to get your size rather than going smaller. I would advise maybe going up one if you’re not too sure.


Snagging Issues: ugh I was so miffed with this. I managed to get at least 3 on the legs that I could spot. I can’t believe how I managed to do it as well, but then again it happens. The best thing is that they’re hardly visible until you see it up close to be honest, which is perfect with this colour! If it was a black pair, I think you would be screwed!


My Thoughts?

Why did I not do these sooner for God sake?! I absolutely love them (minus the snag issues!)

The colour is just right; it gives you that slight shine of light grey, but nothing too visible. That shine and gloss is just to die for and the feel is just lip biting! My legs were just sliding off one another all day!

Damn I wonder what they would be like in black???


3 thoughts on “Levante Class Gloss Shine 12D Tights

  1. Nice to see a change from blacks and nudes love them but this greyish colour is nice what would Navy heels look like with them