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And I am back in another pair of Legs Avenue after some time. The other pair I did a while back on Leg Avenue Woven Diamond Illusion Tights was a pretty awesome graphic one, so it’s nice to review a pair I have never seen before in my life!

How cool are these?!

 Now as my blog before was about the socks, this time I’m doing the whole outfit as these deserve to be dressed up!


My Outfit

So seeing as I was going out for the evening, I decided to glam it up with my holdups. A short skater dress, with those amazing combo holdups and then my rounded court shoes (rather than a point) to keep it more casual. I love the heels on these babies – works amazingly with the sparkly top!

My Deets:

Skater Dress: Republic

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Holdups: Via LeggsBeautiful




The Review

Let me begin with the following taken directly from their website (the link is further down in the blog):

The hybrid of thigh highs, opaque ribbed knee high to the knee and sheer lurex above this.

Matte Finish
One size UK 4-7 
80% Nylon, 12% Metallic Yarns, 8% Spandex


 Getting inside the packaging, you will find one legs with cardboard in, and the other folded around it. This is just so you can see it through the packaging.


I found these so easy to get on – I love the ribbed socks part! They’re so soft and so comfortable on the legs (but can catch easily if you’re not careful) and I love the lurex above it. The ribbed part I wasn’t too keen when I had them on my legs but to be fair I was wearing them in the dark most of the night, so it didn’t bother me. But in the daytime it will take some getting used to!

I tried to pull them up more to see if they sit any higher – they don’t. They actually have enough pull to get it just under the knees. I love that they have an overlap rather than a point where they cut off – it gives that layered look where you’re wearing lurex holdups and then added ribbed socks on top. Totally awesome!


The band on the lurex is really good and holds so well – I have hardly had to tug them up. I will say that these to leave a mark behind on your thighs – nothing that won’t go after 10 minutes but I know some followers hate that! I love that it’s a nice thick band; sturdy and doesn’t loosen after a night’s wear!PhotoGrid_1492895979788

The toes on these are so comfortable – enough room to wiggle toes and your feet don’t get hot in these either. I was worried that they would being in them all night, but they were actually ok. I need to test these in hotter weather to see if I would still think the same!I like how the ribbed effect starts from the toes all the way to the knees!


How does it feel on the thighs? Does it itch?” – Surprisingly no it doesn’t! They do feel slightly grainy on the top but I can’t say that it irritated my legs at any point. I know it did feel weird on my tattoo (as I’m due laser treatment so my tattoo part is pretty hairy at the mo) – so if you have stubbly / hairy legs then it might feel slightly uncomfortable! Otherwise it is all good!

Let me give you some girly advice here: I currently have very faint hair on my thighs that I will be lasering this coming week, and these are perfect for covering them up! You can hardly tell that I have gorilla legs under this – so if you’re looking for something stunning and that can do wonders to cover hairs, these are the pair for you! Can you tell below is the question???!!!


Overall Thoughts?

I actually like these – they’re totally different to anything I have seen out there! They’re a really great pair and if you don’t want to layer, then these pair are great as it’s the fake layered look but works really well.

The next time I am in these, I will be pairing with shorts and a tee or jumper with converses or Timbs as I think these are perfect for summer; fun, not showing too much leg and they would be perfect as the showstopper piece!

To get your pair, visit Legs Avenue Ribbed Lurex Thigh Highs

And get yourself 10% off using the code panda10 *kisses*


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