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Legs Avenue Suspender Fishnets

And I have a pair that have been gifted by a follower some time ago, and I finally have the chance to pull them out and get them blogged about. It has been manic with all the hosiery I have been doing lately for Gatta, however I am now putting some time aside to get other hosiery reviewed!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One size

Style Number: 1067

Materials: 95% Nylon / 5% Spandex

Price: Unknown

Website: Amazon


My Outfit

I went quite basic with my outfit; white baggy jumper, fitted ribbed bodycon skirt and my floral platform boots. I could have easily done a pair of court shoes with this, but I didn’t want it looking too sexy for work, so my boots made it into more of a fashionable smart-casual look!

(Well I thought so anyways…..)

I left my hair down and just added some gold drop earrings.

My Deets

Jumper: H&M

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Legs Avenue

Boots: Simmi Shoes



The Review

The Packaging: is pretty bold and very pink! It shows the model wearing the hosiery at the front with a small love-heart peephole and then stating the business at the back, with another peephole:

“Industrial Net Suspender Hose with Duchess Lace Top Accent”


When you get into the packaging, you will find that these have a piece of cardboard in one leg. If you hate that (like I do) – don’t worry as it’s only at the top so it can easily be taken out rather than having to do all sorts of manoeuvres to get it out of the leg.



Getting Them On: I used the scrunch and roll. Even though these nets are a higher thicker denier (not too sure what as it doesn’t state anywhere), you still can never be too careful – especially where anklets are involved.


I have to say that these were dead easy to roll on – I had no issues with it at all. One thing you will find is that the design at the top won’t really be identical, but if you’re covering it like I am, then it won’t be a problem.

If it is a problem for you, I would maybe take them off and wear them vice versa and see if that makes a difference.


The Toes: have a small section where they are covered and then the nets begin. You may have to pinch and pull to make sure that each little piglet is covered; I had to do that on my right foot as it kept moving when I was getting them on. They do stay covered for the rest of the day depending on what footwear you’re in.


I would recommend these with peep toes, but not with open toe sandals where your toes are fully exposed. It would look so much better if it was the fishnet right from the seams, but seeing as this has a cap, I’m not too keen on the look.


The Band: I think is pretty cute. It’s a good fitting band; slim, fits well and has a lot of elasticity in them. They don’t dig into you either. I do love the cut out design that they have at the top and around the tummy area and then it becomes crotchless at the front and small cut outs at the side.



The Cut Outs: so I thought I would let you know that these are crotchless – nice big open patch going from the front to the back. These also have open holes at the sides on the hips; they’re not too big like a proper suspender pair, but more for decorative purposes if anything. It probably would look so much better if you wasn’t wearing any underwear with it, but seeing as I’m wearing them to work, it will have to do!



The Nets: are a lovely deep thick colour and it works so well if you want your legs to stand out. I like that these aren’t too closely knitted together as it would just look weird. The best part about these is the amount of times I have caught them in my nails, and it still hasn’t snagged or ripped once.


One thing you do need to remember is how to wear these properly and not make them look like something a girl on a street corner would wear. I know fishnets are a hit and miss with some, but it’s the way you style it. I would certainly not wear these with a mini dress or skirt as it would give the wrong impression, but wearing slightly longer lengths or maybe layering would work perfectly. If you feel confident enough, then go for it. If you have any slightly doubts or ‘hmm’ moments, then change the outfit or change your hosiery.



My Thoughts?

I really do like these. I know I have a lot of nets that I say that about, but what makes these different is that they’re a lot thicker and darker and stand out so much more. I like the fact that they’re just slightly wider than micronets but not too big to be classed as fishnets.

The design at the top is just wonderful; and the fact that these are crotchless do make it interesting but also hygienic in summer. I say hygienic because you’re not sweating so much and you’re allowing air to pass through. It’s different if you do wear underwear or not, but I quite like it.

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