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Leg Avenue Ribbon Tights

Damn I am bashing through these gifts like there is no tomorrow! I have so many pairs to do, and frankly, I want to get my legs into all of them as soon as I can!

Today is a bit of a dull day, so I’ve wrapped up a little (I say a little and I mean hardly at all!) so I got my tights to be my subtle statement piece.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Style: 7889

Size: One Size (this is more S/M I say)

Materials: 100% nylon

Price & Website: £9.47 / Amazon – Leg Avenue Decorative Tights, sheer black pantyhose with pretty red detail at tops


My Outfit

I went grey on grey (it’s either black or grey that I do a lot I’ve noticed) – long ribbed grey jumper along with my suede-effect grey thigh boots. This jumper elongates my legs a little and when I wear trainers or shoes with it, I look like I’m exposing too much leg. The solution? I added boots to ‘cover-up’ more at work.

I added a silver double choker (these are back out again after some time) and small studs, with my hair up as it’s a wash day and off we go!

My Deets

Jumper: Lasula

Tights: Leg Avenue

Choker: Topshop

Boots: Deichmann



The Review

The Packaging: very simple, but effective though. You’re totally focused on the model wearing them with a mini skirt. The front is very basic, with the back hardly having any info on it. Not a bad thing I suppose, as at the bottom it gets right to the point:

Sheer pantyhose with ribbon through tie side



Getting Them On: first things first! Make sure you undo the ribbon before you start to scrunch and roll! I forgot to do one leg and OMG the struggle is real! I have to say I’m impressed with the quality of these; I always find Leg Avenue to be hit and miss, but these are pretty decent. No snags on the sheers whilst getting them on (which is always a bonus) and they cling so nicely to the legs. I thought these were going to be a little big on me being a ‘one size’, but actually they fit like they would if you got a S/M!



The Toes: they’ve got the toe cover to them which (I am hoping) means they’re reinforced in some way! There is plenty of wiggle room and I think long nails would be ok in these (I cut mine short the night before so can’t fully test that theory!)



The Waistband: it’s a high one to the point it sits just under my bra! I thought it might have fallen into place once I start moving around, but nope! They are still as high as life! It’s a good sturdy one to be honest; it hasn’t budged all day and the elastic in these are so good! I have proper tugged at them to see what they’re like… and well no complaints from me!



On The Legs: they fit so well and look so nice! I love the sheer on these, and these seem to be slightly thick too (not that they look it in any way!) they’ve got a lovely silky feel to them and my legs just look amazing! I know I’m wearing boots so I’m covering a lot of it, but trust me I would be wearing these again with a black dress and heels!



The Design: is very unusual but something pretty sweet. I got to say it did look a bit bedroom-y to me to begin with, but then I thought sod it – I’m getting them on! I would probably change the ribbon from red to black or gold just to tone it down as the red makes it look more provocative!

The design (when you first pull up) sits lower thigh but then slowly drop to above the knee and you have the whole thigh covered in this simple subtle design with the ribbon going across it. Not too sure how I feel about the actual design as the top and bottom of it looks really tacky-ish but from far it looks alright!

The ribbon is adjustable by the way, but forewarning double knot or something as it does tend to loosen slightly during the day. I’ve had to bow it up a few times already, and was even contemplating cellotaping it down!!! Otherwise I am totally digging this!


Just got to mention here that I managed to snag the design a few times, which I was pretty annoyed about!



My Thoughts?

These are really nice, although I’m not too keen on the subtle design (it doesn’t really appeal to me) and the ribbon colour. I know I went with grey (even though it doesn’t go) – but I thought it might not be so bad when the ribbon is hidden.

I would certainly change the colour and opt for black (standard) or gold/silver next time.

These are pretty, but I’m not too sure about the thigh design where it starts at the knee and stop before it hits the bum. It should have been carried all the way to the top where the brief cut-off part comes into play!

5 thoughts on “Leg Avenue Ribbon Tights

  1. Don’t wish to name drop, but I’m in Brescia at the moment.
    That look wouldn’t be out of place here.
    It’s soooo Italian. They’d love it too, I feel