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Leg Avenue Opaque Thigh High

Here we have another gifted pair of Leg Avenue Thigh Highs. I had to admit I held these back for a while as I wasn’t too sure what they would be like on, but I plucked up the courage to get them on and reviewed for the blog!

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The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One size

Denier: Around 60-80

Materials: 100% polyamide

Price & Website: Unknown

My Outfit

As I wore these to work, I went with a simple classic outfit; long sleeve top with a bodycon skirt. I wore black courts which I left in the car on the way home!

My Deets

Top: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: H&M

Thigh Highs: Leg Avenue


The Review

The Packaging: I gotta say it’s very basic. A small packet with the cardboard wrapped about the hosiery. The model at the front with the brand, and then flip to the back to see more detail about the product.

Getting inside, these come flat packed ready to get on. I did notice that these had some weird threading sticking out at the top of the bands. Not too sure if I should chop that off or not, so we shall leave it on today and then snip away next time.


On The Legs: now one thing I forgot to mention before is that you NEED A SUSPENDER BELT! I made the mistake of thinking these could hold up on their own – BOY WAS I WRONG?! The whole day I have spent pulling them up my damn legs, frustrating the hell outta me doing it too! Worst thing was – I had meetings all day and had to walk everywhere with these falling down my legs constantly!

The denier is pretty thick; so we’re looking around 60-80 denier minimum to be honest. Pretty hard to get snags and rips, but easy to still brush against objects that will scuff it though. Because of the material on these, it is pretty easy to do so! And then I realised as I was typing this, I saw a few images that I managed to get a few snags on! What is going on Leg Avenue?!

Now speaking of material, I was not impressed with it. It felt so rough and so horrible on the legs; it felt like cotton gone wrong. I wasn’t a fan of these whatsoever!

The fit of them were ok; they were elastic-y all around which meant you had room. But not good if you have thin legs which means it could end up being baggy on you.

Now the design at the back is super cute, but guess what? I ended up with 2 massive runs going down the back of my thighs! Today is not a good day! They started from under the bow and then worked their way down! Otherwise I thought the design was a lovely touch at the back with the bow finishing it off nicely.


The Toes & Ankle: this is probably the one part of the hosiery that I liked; they fit well around the toes (no extra material hanging anywhere) and they had plenty of wiggle room. Although this changes depending on how much you’re pulling up your hosiery during the day. I had to make sure that I left enough room near the feet (and if I had my damn belt on, it wouldn’t have been so bad).

Around the ankles, these did crease due to them not being held up well. Otherwise they sit well around this area.


The Band: god this gave me some serious jip today! I was really unimpressed with these; why call them thigh highs if you’re not gonna have the silicone bands or a tighter elastic band? These are practically stockings Leg Avenue – get it right!!

The band otherwise is a soft one, but like I mentioned it has no grip on the legs whatsoever so it won’t hold up without a belt. I do love the cute frill design at the top which links into the design at the back of the thigh.



My Thoughts?

Don’t go there. Won’t recommend. Worst day of my life wearing these.


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