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Leg Avenue Fishnet Pantyhose

Let’s add a pop of colour into the week with some neon pink fishnets! I know it isn’t Friday and I shouldn’t be rocking them this early, but I wanted to lift the mood slightly seeing as we have 3 more days to go!

This pair was kindly gifted by a good friend of mine, and if you didn’t know already this isn’t my 1st neon pair!

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The Spec

Colour: Neon Pink

Size: One Size

Denier: Unknown

Materials: 92% Polyamide-nylon, 8% Elastane

Price: £8.39

Website: Amazon – Leg Avenue, Women’s Fishnet Pantyhose

My Outfit

These are a little too loud for work, so I thought I would go casual with them. I decided to experiment with whites and denims. I normally don’t do denim jackets a lot, but I thought this worked pretty well! I added some silver small hoops to finish off the look. You can always add a mix of chokers and long silver necklaces to dress it up a little.

My Deets

T-Shirt Dress: Jennyfer

Jacket: Zara

Tights: Leg Avenue

Boots: Dr Marten Molly



The Review

From The Website: Lycra fishnet pantyhose

Designed to accentuate the sexy silhouette of the female body for a Superb Fitting
From the Edgy Bold & Risqué to The Soft Sensual and Elegant
92% Polyamide-nylon, 8% Elastane
Hand Wash Only. Drip Dry. Do not bleach.
Regular Fit
High Quality world renowned name in women’s sexy Hosiery


The Packaging: if you haven’t come across Leg Avenue before, most of their pieces come in packaging like this. The front shows the model wearing the pair and the back goes into a little detail about them. You get to see the pair inside well through the packaging.

When you get in, you will find these with card inserted in one leg, and they are flat, so there is no foot leg shaping to them.


Getting Them On: I did my scrunch and roll up the legs, taking care going over my anklets so they don’t catch on. These were super easy to slide up the legs as the netting is quite small.



On The Legs: can I just say how bright this colour is! I didn’t know what to expect when I added them to my wishlist, but now as I see them in person they are so awesome! It’s not a glow in the dark pair unfortunately (now that would make an amazing review), but they are certainly head turners for sure. I’m glad I wore these with a casual outfit instead of something to the office!

The quality of these are really good considering they’re Leg Avenue. I say that as sometimes they can be quite cheap and not fit that well, but these really impress me. They are a nice thick net, and have a little amount of stretch to them. I expected more seeing as these are supposed to be a one size pair – but I’ve shown below how much they can stretch out to on the legs.

The fit of these were perfect for me, but I will say these are more like S-M rather than S-XL. I feel larger sized individuals would struggle, with the lack of stretch, to get these on and up the legs.

The feel of them do feel cheap let me say; they do feel rough and do irritate the skin a little. I wasn’t too bad in them as I creamed my legs, but if you were just to get them on and go I feel these would be a pain! In my opinion, if you layer them with a base pair, you should be fine. I sometimes do layer, but not when I’m reviewing the pair for the 1st time.


The Toes & Ankle: well isn’t this pretty good for reinforced toes! I normally have an issue with reinforced toes like this on fishnets, but as I’m in boots I’m not too bothered about it as it gives me peace of mind that I don’t need to worry about my toes poking holes through. The reinforcement is a thick denier which covers the whole toe section (depending on how wide your feet are) and doesn’t leave any extra material on the sides.

Normally in fishnets, I wear them with heels so I can always keep an eye on any rips or holes being formed, but as I am in this pair, it works out for the best.

I had plenty of wiggle room in these for my toes to move about and not feel any pressure being added onto them.

The feet and ankles have a lovely fitted finish with no gapping around the ankles.



The Waistband & Gusset: so I just want to point out that the band is pretty amazing on this pair. I sometimes find the band can be slightly big as they try to cater for larger sizes, but these sit so lovely on the waist. They hug well, hold up all day without any issues and sit around my belly button and don’t budge. I was nicely surprised by this.

There is no gusset to this pair which you will see if you scroll down; it’s just a seam that goes from the front to the back, so I would advise underwear with this pair, unless you are daring…

I’m not too sure if I would show off this band though; a lot of people do when they layer on top, but as the band is slightly wonky I don’t think I would.



My Thoughts?

I was really impressed with this pair I have to say. I thought they wouldn’t fit well, but they did for sure and I love how vibrant they are on the legs. These would certainly be a good party pair or if you’re off to a carnival/festival for Summer. The quality is decent, they are nice and thick in denier and I would recommend for sure!

4 thoughts on “Leg Avenue Fishnet Pantyhose

  1. Lovely legs and a great color love your review always look forward to reading your reviews. When it comes to wearing fishnets I layer them over glossy pantyhose to add that fantastic shine to the fashion look. Plus I do find fishnets more comfortable to wear also I myself have a variety of colors even lurex fishnets and lets not leave out fence nets they also look great on.

  2. Seems like since WordPress and Jetpack came together I can’t comment on your blogs which I enjoyed very much. Just letting you know why I haven’t commented recently.