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Leg Avenue Cuban Heel Backseam Stockings

Yep I have been busy with stockings lately as I’ve kept pushing them back as it’s not really appropriate for work but as I have a few days off before I jet to India I thought I might as well get them all in while I can now!

A big thank you to @nilonic23 for these. He also gifted the ones that I will be reviewing tomorrow! These are my first pair like this – totally vintage looking hey! πŸ˜‰

I had so much fun with these and it just reminded me of a friend I made on Instagram @thenylonvintage as her page is all about vintage looking stockings!

I have so much to say about these and I’m just gonna get right down to it:

  • They came packaged very well – description on the packaging, wrapped around the cardboard and also had a subtle outline of the leg shape going on which I love!
  • I love how classy they look – I went with a casual look as the dress I wanted to wear with it was in the wash!
  • Love the reinforced toes – a really nice but not thick denier black toe leading into very fine denier sheers!
  • It even has little crosses where it should line up with the heel of your foot too! I misjudged on one leg.
  • The Backseam was really easy to line up I have to admit. I always struggle and have to bend upside down to get them to line up but it was do easy with these. Probably because they were halved and had that subtle shape to them!
  • You do need a belt for these but they did hold up extremely well – they were pretty fitted on my thighs and had no complaints about them whatsoever!
  • I love the tan to them – usually they’re quite creamy or they don’t match my skin tone but these were bang on and made my legs look so damn good! 😍
  • I think these would work well with peep toes, sandals and even boots if you wanted to hide the foot feature! I just opted for a oversized jumper and heels – casual and chic!

Now I must admit I have just spent 8 minutes thinking about any negative points and I can’t even think of one! I mean they’re so affordable and so fabulous, you just can’t go wrong!


22 thoughts on “Leg Avenue Cuban Heel Backseam Stockings

  1. They look amazing on you. You have an amazing style when it comes to putting outfits together base on the style of stockings or tights you are going to be wearing. I read on your blog once your not a fan when it comes to your legs but trust me when i tell you you have an amazing pair of legs. They are beautiful with or without tights. You are absolutely from head to toe. I also wanted to congratulate you and your fiance on your engagement. May you both have an amazing life together.

  2. Completely love the Tan color! Pls tell me with the Above comment about Work tights, that you will not be stopping your Fabulous reviews.

  3. I must admit I’m not a fan of Leg Avenue. Think it was a good few years back that I tried the brand and just thought urrrggggghhhh 😀.
    Looking at the pictures and your description, I might just have to give them another go.

    I like seams for special occasions and although they are no Gio’s, they do look lovely on you Sonia. Perfect skin tone match too.


  4. My wife has this pair and we both love their vintage aesthetic. I love the tan colour / black seams and foot combination. They look really nice on you!