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Leamel Stars Glitter Patterned Tights

I know it isn’t the weather for darker deniers, however I wanted to get this pair reviewed ASAP as these have been patiently waiting for some time since they were gifted from my Amazon Wishlist.

I have reviewed Leamel before, so if you have missed the review you can catch them below (opens in a new tab):

Leamel Chess Slim 70D Patterned Tights

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: Around 30-40

Materials: 89% Polyamide, 11% Elastane

Price: £7.99

Website: Amazon – Leamel Stars Glitter Sparkly Star Patterned Tights

The Review

From The Website: Soft and comfortable Glitter Sparkly Star Patterned Opaque Tights Wide waistband, Stays Up, Durable , All day comfort Engineered microfiber 3D knitting technology to resist runs and snagging New Fashion Glitter Sparkly Star Patterned Tights

Soft and comfortable Sparkly Star Glitter Patterned Sheer Tights
Wide waistband, Stays Up, Durable , All day comfort
89% Polyamide, 11% Elastane
Hand Wash Only
Engineered microfiber 3D knitting technology to resist runs and snagging
New Fashion Sparkly Star Glitter Patterned Tights
Sheer Black-Silver Color

The Packaging

Getting Them On: well these were fine to begin with I did my scrunch and rollup the legs, before I felt the struggle when I got to my thighs. I had to shimmy my way into them and set them on my waist – and this is what they ended up looking like.

Oh and these were fine going over my anklets.

On The Legs: to be honest I am not a fan. This is one review where I wish I could say some great things about this pair…

So firstly, these do not fit right. They ended up being a size too small for me (weirdly as these are a small), which meant they don’t fit correctly around gusset on me. I have tried medium before, and I know they were great, however I did not expect small to be so small!

The quality isn’t upto scratch either; I managed to snag these SO EASILY around the legs. I also found that when the star pattern is stretched out, it looks so weird on the front of the legs. This is where it shows how cheap the quality is in my eyes; no tights should do this when stretched out.

I managed to get these to fit around most of my legs, and the waist too. I found the problem area was around the thighs!

The design isn’t too bad; from far I love the star design, but up close I really don’t like how tacky it looks. I know I’m being super harsh but I cannot tell you how annoyed I am with this pair.

The Toes & Ankle: these do not come with reinforced toes to them, however they are a slightly thicker denier so it does provide somewhat reinforcement. I will still advise to make sure those nails are not too long and sharp so it won’t damage the pair.

I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes, and no pressure was added.

Around the feet and ankles, it was a smooth and fitted finish as I had to really tug them up.

The Waistband & Gusset: now it’s strange that the waistband can sit around the waist well (around the belly button on me) yet I can’t get the seams to sit flush against the skin. It really does bug me, but then again not much I can do. It just goes to show that there is plenty of stretch round this area, but not enough for further down the legs.

I had a good band here however it was not much use in the end. It has plenty of stretch in them and fits really well.

This pair doesn’t come with a cotton gusset; it is just a seam that runs from front to back.

My Thoughts?

I am quite disappointed in this pair, as I thought they would have fit me well. The quality was off, the fit was not right and I couldn’t even do the full day test on them as I wanted. I would only recommend you get a size up to make sure they fit.

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  1. You look amazing and gorgeous princess Soni, even if you don’t like them you’re a star nonetheless. 😍😘

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