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Le Bourget Voilance Satine 15D Stockings & TVRtyle Vintage Suspender Belt

Do you know how long I have waited to get these on the legs?! I bought these a good few months ago from UKTights and because of the horrid weather, they kept getting pushed back for a nicer day.

I finally have the chance to get them out and on!

Now this will be a double review on the stockings first and the suspender belt I paired with it. Both are new and fresh out the pack! The only downside is that I’m pairing nudes with white (not the best combo) but it will do for now!

My Outfit

I kept it simple and classy with a polka dot bodycon dress and added my suede peep toe sling back heels with it. I can always turn it casual by adding pumps or converses to it.

I left my hair down and added small pearl studs to finish the look.

My Deets

Dress: Jane Norman

Stockings: Le Bourget

Suspender Belt: TVRtyle

Shoes: Forever21


The Spec For Stockings

Colour: Bronze

Size: T1 / Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 93% Polyamide, 7% Elastane

Price: £6.99

Website: UKTights – Le Bourget Voilance Satine 15 Denier Stockings

The Review of Le Bourget

From The Website: Glamour and gloss are what these beautiful stockings are all about. With a flat top that lies softly against your skin you’ll understand why these are one of Le Bourget’s best sellers. A high gloss leg makes them the ultimate in sophistication and style. They’re perfect for adding lustre to your outfit as they will give your legs a sensational shimmering effect.

* 15 denier
* High gloss
* Flat knitted top
* Knitted reinforced toe
* 93% Polyamide
* 7% Elastane


The Packaging: so you have a fair bit to look at on the front; the model wearing them in black, the brand and make,  with the word RESISTANT in nice big letters too!

Looking at the back, it gives you a little info about the stockings, along with the size guide and hosiery care:

“Classic Knitted | Reinforced toes | A satined stockings 15 deniers for a sophisticated silhouette. “

These come wrapped around promotional card which shows you all the different types you can get in that brand. Once you unravel the stockings, you will find these to be shaped to the leg (YES!!!!) so it’s easy to roll right on!

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Getting Them On: hosiery gloves at the ready! As these are shaped to the leg, all you need to do is follow the line down right to the toe seam and roll right on. It makes it so much easier.

I would take care over any sharp anklets you may wear underneath as you don’t want them getting caught. Mine were ok!

The beauty about these are that you can pull them as high as you like, and once it’s clasped up, they slowly drop into position and stay there (as long as you have a decent suspender belt on!).


On The Legs: these are just beaut! Let me just tell you how good…

The denier is like spot on for that natural look with a shimmer on the legs. It’s 15 denier which still works for cooler days if you’re worried about your legs being cold!

The touch and feel are super smooth and silky; to the point that your legs are gliding off one another.

That shimmer is just stunning; in normal daylight these shade well on the legs making it look like natural tights, but when the sun/flash hits, they just become something stunning! One to recommend for nights out I say!

The quality I have no issues with whatsoever! No snags, no runs, no catching or pulls anywhere and I have been pretty rough with them as well today!

They hug the legs really well, where there is no gapping or wrinkling or any spacious parts.


The Toes & Ankle Area: enough wiggle room and no pressure put on the toes throughout the day regardless of the shoes that you wear with it. These are reinforced which is fab; so those long nails can make a comeback in them (as long as they aren’t sharp!)

It’s a lovely smooth finish on the ankles as well; no wrinkles or extra material gathering here which is always a bonus!


The Bands: simple, subtle and I love it. It makes a change from the sexy ones that I normally tend to do; this is more for those who like to keep it minimal and everyday. And that is what this is right here; it’s the everyday look. Don’t get me wrong, you can pair these with some real nice bedroom lingerie, but you don’t need to feel that’s just what it’s for!

Anyways so the bands are smooth with a slightly rough finish and they are great to pair with the belt I currently have on with them. I say slightly rough as they are different to the rest of the hosiery but they need to be to make sure that the clasps can grasp these properly.

It’s a nice light touch finish to the legs; meaning that they just sit perfect on the thighs – not tight or loose but just right.


The Spec For Suspender Belt

Colour: White 

Size: Small

Materials: 88% Polyester, 12% Elastane

Price: £11.99

Website: Amazon – TVRtyle Women Vintage 4 Straps Metal Buckles Sexy Garter Belts For Stockings Retro Suspender Belt S502

The Review of TVRtyle Suspender Belt

From The Website: Women Sexy Black/White Vintage Metal Clips 4 Wide Straps Garter Belts for Stockings, With Closure

  • TVRtyle has its special Meaning, ‘T’means Timeless, ‘V’ is an abbreviation of Vintage, ‘R’ Stands for Retro. That is wonderful long-lasting Looking
  • Material: The garter belt use is made of premium materials & Vintage Metal clips.
  • 88% Polyester, 12% Elastane
  • AMBS502B
  • Style: this vintage & timeless style has retro metal clips and wide straps to make you feel beautiful, sexy, and desirable.
  • Functions: This suspender belt with straps can be worn with thigh-high stockings to create a sensuous look.
  • Sizing: available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large, 2X-Large Please see Sizing Chart for help finding the perfect fit.


The Packaging: unusual but I love it! It came in a frosted zip pouch with the brand at the front. As soon as you get in, they are pretty much ready to get on (minus the little tag that you need to cut off).

That’s all I gotta say really; pretty straight forward with these!


Getting It On: so getting it on, there are 3 rows of the hook and eye at the back of the belt. This is fab as you have 3 adjustable settings to choose from.


I got mine on with ease; no faffing around, no wrong hook in the wrong row.

One thing I do like about slightly chunkier belts is that they sit well on the body and they’re easier to work with rather than the thin strappier ones. As much as I love them, they are more for show than practicality, and plus the thinner ones don’t really have metal clasps!



When It’s On: now that we are good to go, let’s talk about how it sits when holding the stockings up. I wear my stockings quite high rather than mid-thigh; it’s more of a comfort thing for me and plus it’s kept hidden.


So during the day, I found that these held them up really well. There was slightly tugging from time to time, but no issues like the stockings coming out the clasp or the clasp losing grip.

They don’t twist or turn throughout the day either messing up the smoothness of the stockings (I came across a band that wouldn’t stay put and kept moving around a fair bit).

The belt doesn’t dig into you at all throughout the day (and even if you eat a lot as well!) – it’s comfortable and just sits just right on the waist rather than squishing you.


The lace is just a nice little touch to the belt; it’s a change from plain and something that you can pair with lingerie for the bedroom.


The Straps: first thing this morning I had trouble with the straps. I don’t normally wear belts that have an adjustable clip thing like this does so it was a new experience for me. I normally wear the ones with the adjustable ring that you pull up or down.

Once I got the hand of undoing it, moving the strap and then gripping it into place, I was good to go!

I have to say it’s a pretty neat idea, and I find that the spikes are sharp enough to keep the strap from moving or undoing itself during the day.

The clasps are so amazeballs on these; they grip so well! This is one thing I love about metal clasps. They hold so well throughout the day regardless of the stocking material. Against the rubber/silicone backing, it is brilliant! Not once have my stockings slipped in them or got to the point it slides right out.

They are also comfortable on the legs as well; I had to set my back ones more to the side rather than right down the tushy as I knew I would be sitting down all day.


My Thoughts?

Both together have been a right dream day; they have stayed up so well that I forgot I was wearing stockings. I really thought I was in tights today that is how comfortable I was.

The suspender belt is a brilliant one, which I would certainly recommend. I got mine in white, but I would certainly get it in other colours without hesitation!

The stockings are just superb; I love that glisten they have, love the denier and the quality is superb. I don’t do much in Le Bourget but it’s a brilliant brand!

2 thoughts on “Le Bourget Voilance Satine 15D Stockings & TVRtyle Vintage Suspender Belt

  1. These say ‘look at my legs, arnt they gorgeous?’ rather than ‘look at my legwear…..’
    They totally make your legs the star of the show 🙂