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Le Bourget Coloured Tights (2 Pack)

Anddddddddddddddd I am back in colour!! I know it’s been such a long time, but I finally have a pair from UKTights which I am so excited to review. I have never been in a pair of Le Bourget before, so I am desperate to get writing about these.

Now this will be a double hit as I got 2 pairs in different colours (Bordeaux and black); I will be reviewing the bordeaux pair (as they are both identical) and wearing the black pair just to show you how they look on the legs.

About Le Bourget

Le Bourget Le Bourget is one of the finest designers in the tights world. Founded in Paris in 1924, it has become one of the best leg wear designers in its country of origin and anywhere else for that matter. Their designers have always aimed to do what so many other designers are afraid to do. They embrace new, creative and original work, they reach out to the online community and they turn into Le Bourget hosiery is not just one of France’s most loved names, they’re respected throughout Europe, in Italy and Germany, both centres of leg wear excellence.” – taken from Le Bourget

The Spec

Colours: Black & Bordeaux

Size: 1-2 / Small-Medium

Denier: 50

Material: 90% Polyamide / 10% Elastane

Price: £16.99

Website: UKTights – Le Bourget All Colours Slide Touch 50D Opaque Tights 2 Pair Pack


My Outfit

Now I am actually impressed with how quick I came up with this outfit; I was debating on all black, but I knew that was too easy. So I thought let’s play with colour!

Even though I have some black, it’s only subtle compared to my skirt and tights combo. I teamed up with black boots as it went better than most of my boots.

I added small studs to keep it simple enough for work (rather than my OTT self!)

My Deets

Top: New Look

Skirt: Firetrap

Tights: Le Bourget

Boots: Forever21


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The Review

From The Website:

* 50 denier

* 2 pair pack

* Value for money

* 1 black & 1 colour

* Soft shine

* Flat seams

* Cotton gusset

* 90% Polyamide

* 10% Elastane

“Le Bourget’s amazing and always loved All Colours range is now back! After several years of discontinuing the range, they are now being reintroduced with some amazing new colours and the same incredible fabrics and finish that Le Bourget are known for.”


The Packaging: as these came from UKTights, they were in open packaging as I like to call it. This means they have no plastic packaging around them so you can instantly get into them. At the front, it has the logo and the back has information about them:

Fashion colours / Sheer to waist / Flat seams / Cotton gusset


At the side where you open the cardboard packaging, it just gives you the bare basics (mainly used for scanning into tills).


Once you’re inside, you will find these wrapped around a think piece of cardboard (just to hold them in place) – and that’s it! There is no cardboard inside of them at all, so they’re ready to get on those pins!


Getting Them On: at the first touch I have to admit, I have never felt a pair of 50 denier opaques this soft! They’ve got so much elasticity to them, you won’t have a problem getting them over chunky thighs! I used the scrunch and roll technique as always, but with these, you really don’t have to if I am honest. These are resilient enough to go over anklets (like the ones I wear) and not have a problem.


Whilst you’re rolling them on, all you will notice is how they glide up your skin. These really feel like luxury on the legs; similar to Wolfords but maybe slightly better in terms of smoothness!

When they’re on, they really mould to your legs and there is no gapping around ankles, or behind the knees!



The Toes: have a lot of room in them. I won’t say they’re baggy because they’re not, but due to how stretchy they are, they just mould. It’s like they check out what they’re going to be hugging and then just mould themselves into a comfortable fit.

These aren’t reinforced, but to be honest with 50 deniers, they do it themselves.



The Band: is interesting. It’s pretty thin I must admit, but it does the job so well! They do dig in slightly during the day, but as I sit most of it, I expect them to seeing as they’re not the usual band you come across. They have a lot of give to them, which means stretching them out to the max would not be an issue. They do sit quite high up than other hosiery I have, but then again it’s personal preference here as to how high or low you like them to be. You can always fold them down if it’s not to your liking.



Snagging: is an issue I have to admit. Even though they’re super silky and so slippery, these are prone to snagging… and I have to say that I have managed to get a few of them during the day. They’re not too visible, but when I snag, I can’t stop staring at it! You do need to be careful when wearing these, especially if you’re getting coloured ones as they will show through; maybe not so much in black.



On The Legs: as I mentioned these are super gorgeous; slippery, smooth, soft, sensual. All of those rolled into one. They fit so well on my legs and there is no issue when it comes to ombre on the legs either. Yes these are slightly sheer as 50s can be, but they have this effect all over. You can get some hosiery where it is darker near the bottom and then becomes sheer at the top where it really stretches, but you won’t find that with these.


I love the fact that these don’t feel like normal hosiery; the material is different. It feels like Lycra but it isn’t. it’s so hard to describe, but I certainly love them. I can see these pair going for a good few years if I take care of them compared to some pairs I have which would only last a few washes.



Now let me give you the shots in black:


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My Thoughts?

You cannot go wrong. I really love these, and they can work in any weather too. You wouldn’t think of wearing 50 denier in summer, but when you have gorgeous colours like these, it’s hard not to. I know they’re more for Autumn/Winter, but if you’re not a fan of sheer hosiery, then I would go for opaques that do favours for your legs, like these do for mine.

The quality is so great; you’re talking luxury here and the fitting is so good too! I do like hosiery that is Small-Medium as if you’re like me and have a bit of a mix (short, thin calves but chunky thighs) these do work really well!


5 thoughts on “Le Bourget Coloured Tights (2 Pack)

  1. Hi, I love Le Bourget ! It’s really interesting to have them by two because they are cheaper and the tights are quality. I am French and I like your blog very much. It’s a pleasure to see your post today about the tights Le Bourget !

  2. Hello again ! This is not really a comment, I started a new blog and I want it to be a bit like yours and present my passion for pantyhose, I’m tights lover and I would like to know if you could give me advice because your posts are really great! thank you very much