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Le Bourget Beaubery Zig Zag Tights

And we slip into another pair that I cannot get hold of – as they are from a collection from a good while ago so I cannot get hold of any websites that may sell them.

So I have to say it’s a very bold pair for sure, which I had a hard time pairing an outfit with.

The Spec

Colour: Black / White

Size: Small-Medium

Denier: Around 80-100

Price & Website: Unknown

The Review

The Packaging: so we have open packaging with these, so you can get straight into them. As these are a thicker denier, you won’t have to worry too much about snags.

The front shows the model wearing them with her monochrome outfit, and the back only goes into slight detail about sizing, hosiery care etc. Nothing about the pair themselves.




Getting Them On: I didn’t bother with hosiery gloves this time as I just wanted to get them straight on to review them! So I was a little rough with them as I pulled them straight up the legs without having to scrunch and roll, as they were thick enough to take it!

These were fine going over anklets as well – well they should be!




On The Legs: so once they were on, I saw that these weren’t completely blocked out; there was some sheerness to them in certain areas where they stretched slightly.

The denier wasn’t stated on the packaging, so I roughly guessed what they would be, but these are thick enough so you can’t really see anything underneath (bring on the fluffy legs!)

The fit of them were great; they were proper snug and hugged the legs so well. They really did hug every curve and bump well (without emphasising any bad bumpy parts!)

The feel of them were soft, but not as soft as they look. They had a slight roughness to them and I believe that this is for the purpose of the design? I could be wrong but normally Le Bourget has a nice finish on their hosiery.

The design is so funky; wild as anything! I love the statement it creates, but it makes it hard to wear as an everyday look if you know what I mean. I would certainly rock these on a casual day rather than work as it would be too much. Other than that, the design has a rubber feel to them, which has been added on top once the tights had been made to make them stand out rather than stitched in.




The Toes & Ankle: the toes are fully blacked out here (and to be fair I have no varnish on the nails) which means if you chose to be in open toe shoes, these would work. Anyways, so these have plenty of wiggle room in them, with no extra material hanging off the edges (thank goodness).

I would like to say these are reinforced as the denier is thick, so you should be ok with longer toenails.

Around the ankles, these do have a smooth finish to them, but when you’re walking around, you will see these slightly crinkle due to the design on them.




The Waistband: so the waistband is a good decent band. I love how they fit on the waist and actually don’t leave no markings after wear.

These sit around the belly button on me, then works down into the design. These are super comfy and have plenty of elasticity in them!

The image below shows what I managed to do shuffling all over the bed – a damn snag! After all that!




My Thoughts?

Overall these are pretty awesome; wild, over the top and I totally love it. The design is something special I have to say, but would work if you’re dressing up for a party or something.

The quality was great until I managed to snag them right at the top!


One thought on “Le Bourget Beaubery Zig Zag Tights

  1. These tights are over the top as you said but love pantyhose or tights that are different. If told try these no matter color ,style or design I will wear them. So these being daring as I am I would wear them love the different look. Have to say love the look on your legs and know would look fantastic on mine also.