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Lazy Cat Designs – Triangles

So part 2 of 3 is on my legs, and I am totally feeling these. They have got to be the funkiest I own so far – I don’t think I have seen anything like this before (well maybe in magazines but not something that I could actually buy!).

So glad that the weather is holding out because hosiery like these can finally come out to play once again!

 The Spec

Colour: Nude / Coloured

Size: One Size

Denier: 20

Price: Sale £4.99

Website: Lazy Cat Designs

My Outfit

I swear every time I think of blue, the white comes out with it. It’s just one combo that I love and just works so well together without it looking so dark or formal.

Anyways so I did a floaty cami top tucked into my high waisted skirt and then added plum shoes into the mix to give it a bit of pop.

(I added a blue cardigan on top when I was out and about)

I was going to go for grey, but then thought it looks formal, so I switched to colour; it helps bring out the design too rather than making it a subtle piece!

I added drop earrings and left the necklace as I didn’t want it becoming OTT for the office.

My Deets

Cami: New Look

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Lazy Cat Designs

Shoes: Gifted via Amazon

The Review

So I won’t go into detail about the website and shipping as it’s the same as before. The same goes for the packaging as well – it’s completely identical at the front, back and inside too!


Getting Them On: I had to scrunch and roll up just in case once again, but this time they feel a lot different; they had more of a smoother run up the leg! I had to keep readjusting the design a few times as I wanted them to sit identical but it just wasn’t happening for a while!



The Waistband: is just the same as before – really good, holds up so well and doesn’t budge at all. It doesn’t dig in and it doesn’t really loosen either if I am honest. I really do like the band on these! I didn’t mention in the previous post, but these do have a cut off just under the bum where it turns into a thicker denier from the hip to the waist.


The Toes: is just the same as the previous design – they have that denser denier on the toes which makes it harder to wear open toe shoes (well if you’re brave)! I don’t actually have much to say about these!


The Design: is by far the coolest! I love the whole weird and wonderful about it and think it’s a design that can work with a lot. I managed to turn mine into office wear, and I have plenty more ideas about wearing them casually too! What’s different this time is that these actually do look like tattoo tights because the denier with the design is just the same as the rest of the leg, and the amount of people who actually thought I have some massive tattoo piece done on each leg was shocked to see that it was just a pair of tights!


I do have to say that I did encounter that print problem with these as well, but it wasn’t so bad and noticeable compared to my last pair.


The Denier: is just the same as the last pair, but this time a lot more softer and smoother on the legs, so your skirt glides across it rather than clinging on. They too glisten in the sun when it shines, and has a white sheen on them when you look down in normal lighting. It’s a nice sturdy feel to them as well – something that may not snag that easily as I have had none so far!



Overall Thoughts?

Beaut – a really fab pair! I love the way they look, the quality is better and they are just too damn funky. They’re not so bad on my legs compared to the other ones, and they actually do make your legs look bare depending on your skin tone!


Last but not least is a gorgeous but in-your-face pair!

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