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Lazy Cat Designs – Ombré

And the finale is here from this little collection of mine. I have to say I do love their weird and wonderful creations – it’s just so different and so unique to what you normally see out there.

I certainly will be buying a few more for summer to review; I think they’re dead funky!

Seeing as they are no longer available to order, I can’t give you all the spec for them


My Outfit

I have to say I had a last minute idea with this outfit. I was going to pair with a black collar dress, but seeing as it was like 30 degress outside, I decided to whip out the skater skirt and a colourful cami top to finish off my look.

I was wearing black shoes during the day, but otherwise I was living in my gold sparkly pumps – it just added glitz and glamour to the overall look!

I left my hair down and messy and opted for small earrings to finish it all off!

My Deets:

Cami Top: Forever21

Skirt: H&M

Pumps: New Look

Tights: Lazy Cat Designs




The Review

Once again the packaging is the same as before – a small window at the front with the design peering through and the generic back.

Inside them you will find in the tights neatly folded and wrapped around cardboard.



Getting them on is so easy and it feels so nice! It has got to be one of the smoothest opaques I have worn in a very long time. I just pulled them on without scrunching as I wanted to test them out, and they were perfectly fine to go up the leg with anklets on!

The first thing you want to do when they’re on is just feel them – I mean they are super soft!



The toes are all opaque with the design starting at the seams. You will notice that there are two faint lines running up the legs; this is where they digital print has been printed on and cut off.




The waistband is gorgeous too – not too tight and it doesn’t lose elasticity during the day either. It sits just above my belly button and it has not budged all day!



The design is something that I really love; I never buy hosiery like this but the ombre was just gorgeous and with the print on top just made it way more effective. It is one of those colours that would be hard pairing, but if you’re into your bright and bold, then these would be a pair for you!



Snagging is not really an issue with these; I managed not to get some on my upper leg, but around the foot I did bobble it with the glitter from my pumps. Even then, it’s hardly visible and I didn’t notice until I looked close up.


Overall Thoughts?

I think these are to die for! I love the colour, the texture and certainly the quality of them! they were dead cheap when I got them and I didn’t expect a lot for my money, but wearing these it does feel like you’ve spent a good £20.00 on a pair that won’t let you down!