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Lazy Cat Designs – Black Henna

And say hello to a collection I have never heard of before! I have no idea how I came across their page, but I loved the designs that they stock. They are totally unique and pieces I don’t think I would see anyone wearing in my city, so I had to grab myself a few pairs.

This pair is 1 of 3 – and I thought I would start off quite subtle and simple before I end up wacky and wild!

 The Spec

Denier: 20

Size: One Size

Colour: Nude / Black

Price: Sale £4.99

Website: Lazy Cat Designs


My Outfit 

I have to admit I tried so many different outfits with these, and nothing was tickling my fancy. I went from trousers to dresses, to skirts and I just gave up and went for my black lace dress instead.

I paired up with my mid black court shoes as the design starts from the toes all the way up to the calves, so I wanted something that would expose that.

I left my hair down and added small silver studs as I was running late in the morning, so didn’t have time to pick out a necklace – it would have been a small silver one – nothing too heavy!

My Deets

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Soletrader

Tights: Lazy Cat Designs




The Review

Now seeing as this is my first time buying from them, I might as well give you the lowdown. They haven’t got these in stock anymore, so I have just included the generic website on there for you.

Most of their tights are one-off pieces and once they are sold, they are sold, so you got to get in quickly!


From The Web: Once I ordered from their site, they actually turned it around pretty quickly. A lovely Asian woman did ring me (I left my number when ordering) to say that one pair was out of stock and forgot to remove it off the site, so refunded me for it. But otherwise great service and came a few days later!


Shipping To Me: When they got to me, they were just sent in a mailing envelope and just wrapped in their plastic, like you see below.

The front of the packaging is very basic, with a lovely large window so you can see the design and the back is just a standard blurb which is on the back of all their products.


Getting In There: you will find that these are doubly wrapped – one outer and other one when you unfold the cardboard. Thank God that there’s no card in these otherwise I would have cried!


Getting Them On: you will find that these are a one size which fits all, so don’t be worried as they are great! I did the scrunch and roll with them just to make sure as I was nervous about snagging. One thing I did notice was how ‘blush coloured’ these are – nothing pasty I would say, but more on a light pink/nude side, which makes my legs look way whiter than they are.


Just to let you know here that these don’t have a gusset in them – they’re purely seamed!


The Waistband: fits perfectly on me. it isn’t too tight or loose; it’s sits so well. I thought it might be a lot slimmer, but these are just right if I am honest. They stayed just above my belly button all day and held there. One thing you mustn’t do is pull them up too high they actually hurt around your top thigh (meaning near the private area) – I made that mistake after a loo break and oh my god it actually killed me! I have to go back in to readjust myself!


The Toes: is an interesting one I have to say. I got a feeling these are reinforced looking at the colour difference between them and the rest of the hosiery. I love how the design actually starts here and works its way up. I did try these with open toe sandals, but I’m afraid I wasn’t too keen on the dense toe strip along with the sheer on the legs, so I had to rock closed toes!



The Colour: is not something I was keen on at first in normal office lighting, but when you step outside and in the sun, they actually do slightly glisten. I can’t say these are a smooth silk finish, as my dress clung onto dear life wearing these, so not something that a dress can swish itself on. I would probably layer with a pair of tan underneath to make it slightly darker on the legs.



The Design: is very lovely but I hate the fact that it’s bled and it’s just a mess. These would have been digitally printed on, so that means this happens when they are stored in a certain temp for too long (I’m guessing here).


I was really disappointed to see that as it’s such a nice design. Even against the foot, there is a weird seam line which luckily isn’t too visible but once I clocked it, I was peed off with it a little. The joy of cheap digital prints!!!


The Feel: as I mentioned isn’t that great but it’s still quite nice. It has a subtle glisten when the sun hits, but otherwise looks quite matte with a sheen on it. I have to say looking at it and seeing it through a camera, it does look so different. Apart from that, they’re actually ok!


Overall Thoughts?

As an independent company, I think these are actually ok. I didn’t pay some stupid price for it, so I suppose you get what you pay for in that sense. But they are very quirky! They best part is that they look like you’re wearing socks as you see a difference in the colour from the bottom to the rest of the leg.

I would like to say they look like a tattoo design but looking at it more and more, I find it more like socks if anything!


Right, onto the next pair!