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La Dame De France Bas Nylon Délice Noir Stockings

HELLO NEW BRAND! I am so excited to share these all with you, starting off with the Bas Nylon Delice Noir Stockings. This pair, along with the 3 others to come, have been gifted by a good friend of mine to try out.

I just wanna begin by saying you have to read about the brand below, because it certainly made an impression on me for sure!


About La Dame De France

Quality is not just a product, it’s a state of mind. La Dame de France strives to make every effort to satisfy its customers by offering nylon stockings with vintage looks for women today.

The Lady of France lifts the veil on its quality criteria.


La Dame de France 100% nylon stockings are designed in France and then meticulously knitted by an Italian company renowned for its generational know-how and seriousness.

Let us unravel the whole of the specifications of La Dame de France in a desire for transparency.

The aesthetics and regularity of the mesh from tiptoe to the top of the cuff justifying the solidity of the bottom

The comfortable comfort of the 100% nylon cuff for all legs

Perfect tinctorial affinity of the toes, passing through the sole, the heel, the leg and the cuff whatever the nylon thread used.

A correctness in the sizes and a regularity in the measurements

A pair of stockings is made up of two legs of identical length

For the bottom seams, an ultra fine and regular knitted seam (the knitting technique of the latter does not allow invisible continuity between the tip of the pyramid and the start of the seam, a jump in the thread is compulsory)

A Lady of France 100% NYLON stamp in pearl gray ink on the reverse (1 leg per pair). The tampon has been designed to be present on the outside of the right leg. If you want to make it more discreet, it is quite possible to thread the bottom with the tampon on the left, so the tampon is found on the inside of the thigh.

La Dame de France nylon stockings are checked by hand before being placed in a plastic bag to keep the stocking flat. A transparent label indicates the bottom name, size and color. The sachet is then wrapped in paper packaging. This packaging, created and designed as an envelope by Stéphane Perruchon, is made in France.

The envelope, closed with a paper label, can be kept to put back the pair of stockings after use and find a place in your lingerie drawer.

La Dame de France nylon stockings have been tested for wearing in everyday life. The brand’s stockings are deemed solid with classic use. On average, tests have shown that these stockings can undergo 8 to 10 washes by hand or machine in a lingerie net. For information, a 100% nylon stocking (not stretchy) is more solid than a stocking with lycra (stretchy).


Product quality is one thing, but the quality of La Dame de France service is also important.”

– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Noir / Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price: €10.00

Website: La Dame De France – Nylon Stockings Délice Black

My Outfit

I went all vixen-like with my outfit today, as I haven’t worn this skirt for ages! I paired it up with my lace bralet and added my new lace up peep toe sandals to finish off the look. You can always brighten it with a different top or change the shoes to a colourful pair.

My Deets

Bralet: Ann Summers

Skirt: FemmeLuxe

Stockings: La Dame De France

Heels: Shoedazzle



The Review

From The Website: The black Délice nylon stockings are perfect to accompany all your working girl looks. The power of nylon appeals to women and men. La Dame de France stockings envelop your legs with an immediate lifting effect. With reinforced toes and heels , these RHT socks are comfortable and solid. Discreet with its simple seamless nylon veil, the Délice 15 denier bottom is easily unrolled from tiptoe to the top of the thigh to join the suspenders. Its flexible 100% nylon cuff has been designed to suit all thighs, both fine and round. The seamless nylon stocking is the stocking you need to discover the unique feeling of this non-stretch materialon your skin. Assume your femininity by wearing these exceptional stockings and do not hesitate to specify it, if we were ever tempted to say that you are wearing tights. Succumb to the adventure of nylon and discover the great thrill, because its softness is inimitable and the desire for a caress on your skin will never leave you.

The Délice La Dame de France nylon stockings were made with the idea of ​​wearing them in a crazy way, that is, high on the thigh to emphasize the shape of the buttocks. It dresses the legs of women and men women.


The Packaging: I was super impressed with their simple yet elegant packaging. The white envelope-style packaging is great to be used over and over to keep your stockings away from any damage. I like that they have a sticker placed over the opening to show you that they have been checked.

When you get in, you will see the pair folded neatly around plain card and inserted into plastic packaging. This pair comes with leg and foot shaping to it, making it easier to get it on.


Getting Them On: I did a little scrunch and roll from the feet to the thigh, taking care going over my anklets. I lined up the toes and heel before I slowly shimmied them up the legs.



On The Legs: they are incredible! I am in love with how they look on the legs, and adding flash really enhanced them for sure.

The quality of these are fantastic; they felt amazing and you can tell they are gonna be great when you first tough them. They haven’t ripped or snagged at all whilst I’ve been in them, which I am super happy about.

The fit of these are true to size, with very little room. I would make sure you check out their sizing guide before purchasing as they will not stretch. The only time I would get wrinkling around the knees and ankles was when my legs were flat on the floor, otherwise they were pretty much non-existent!

The feel of them is just sublime; I cannot even begin to express how soft and silky these are, both inside and out. They are the type your hands just easily down them and your legs glide off one another. They were so soft against the legs, and these don’t irritate in any way either.


The Toes & Ankle: I absolutely love! These comes with reinforced toes and heels, which look so elegant. The toes have a small strip going across the front and back, and let me say these don’t cover all of your toes width-ways. You’ll see what I mean below.

The heels have a lovey circle design to them, which I love the look of. It’s something unique that I haven’t seen on a pair before.

The toes have plenty of wiggle room in them and no pressure is added either. I didn’t feel my toes were cramped in any way.

Around the feet and ankles, it’s a lovely smooth fitted finish with the odd wrinkling around the ankles now and again.



The Bands: are gorgeous! They sat so perfectly on my thighs, exactly where I wanted them to be as well. I didn’t have to tug them up at all or shimmy them down for being too long; they were just perfect. I had the brand stamp facing outwards (I say this as some people face it inwards) on the right thigh.

These were comfortable around the thighs; they didn’t squeeze or feel loose in any way and they were so comfortable to move around it. They didn’t restrict movement either.

I used metal clasps on these, and they held up so well without any issues. You can use plastic if you wish and they work well for you.

I also love how thick the welt is on these too; they have this lovely thick denier which compliments the sheer legs so well, and that reinforcement band underneath. Everything about these I have fallen in love with!



My Thoughts?

I’M RECOMMENDING FULL STOP! I loved these so much, and I cannot wait to try on the next pair!