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Kunert Warm Up 60 Leggings

And hello once again everyone! It’s been a while I know but I’ve had such a manic and ill Christmas and New Year I had to take a break for a while!

But now I am back and ready to take on the world once again… And this time in leggings to start off the new year! I bought these a while back from UKTights but haven’t had the chance to get round to wearing them seeing as it’s been a mild winter and tights were still going strong. But now that it’s started to get pretty cold, the warm up leggings are out for reviewing!!

So I am mainly focusing on the leggings in this review only because it been a while since I’ve done a leg focused one. I teamed these up with a long tunic top along with my slippers seeing as I am lounging around the house!!

The Review

So seeing as this is my first time reviewing a pair of kunert I’m gonna go into detail: I have never seen packaging so detailed before!! It shows the leggings at the front with the selling point – they warm up along with features stated at the back of them

Once you get into the package you see the cardboard stating the following:


The first thing you notice is that the leggings have a nylon feel to them – really soft and smooth! I love the matte effect they have to them! It means that all those little bits of fluff won’t stick to these and so far they haven’t. I even tested it out by cleaning my room in them (normally I don’t as fluff always end up sticking to me!) but with these I have to say it’s like the leggings repelled it! I have no dust particles over me whatsoever! Dead impressed here!!

The waistband on these are just fab! They’re so soft and it doesn’t even feel like they’re on! They sit against the body so well and even after tugging and stretching they still are going strong!

The best thing about these are the inner label. Normally leggings don’t have a label so you can’t tell the back from the front once you’ve worn a pair but with these they have a back and front so no more confusion!!

The band on the ankles are absolutely fantastic! They’re so soft and so light I really do feel like they aren’t on my legs at all! Even for a 60 denier I’m surprised!! 😲

The sheerness – is great! I love see through leggings as it works with so much. I do love pure opaques but showing a bit of skin just adds to any outfit! It gives it more of a nylon look the pure leggings. The best thing is that they actually make my legs look toned and lovely! I own a pair of Emilio Cavallini ones and timeless just look blocky but I don’t complain as they’re 120 denier soon would expect that!

Now I have to brag about this part – snagging and the LACK OF IT! I am super impressed with these! I have caught these so many times whilst I was cleaning and they have hardly snagged at all! I did end up having a small tug line but not a hole or anything major that stands out! I actually thought I had ruined them in the first wear but these are some supersonic leggings!!! 😀

The warming effect – does it have one? Well I can honestly say it does slightly. Whilst I have been going in and out of the house in this freezing weather it actually did keep me warm. You wouldn’t think a 60 denier would but these actually did and they are much better than the CDR that I reviewed for LegsLavish Exclusive.


I’m impressed with these leggings and I wish I had bought these sooner. They are soft, durable and I feel like I can tackle the world in them and still not get a snag!! I love the way they make my legs look and how they feel to touch as well. Thank you to UKTights for these pair!


3 thoughts on “Kunert Warm Up 60 Leggings

  1. Strong coffee, a rerun of the 2016 Formula 1 season on Channel 4 and Soni Legs 🙂 what a perfect way to enjoy my final lie in before work starts all over again.

    Leggings: not a personal favourite being honest, but, if its all about keeping warm and still showing leg perfection, then it works for me.
    Happy New Year One and All 🙂

  2. Am honestly not fan of leggings, really like tights, esp tan, shiny tan, but you are beautiful always, and very insightful on your reviews.