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Kunert Fashion Stay Ups

It has been some time since I have been in Kunert; a very simple classy brand which has amazing quality. The only downside is that it doesn’t come cheap!

So my amazing follower gifted these from a collection years ago, which I am happily reviewing today!

If you haven’t seen my previous review on Kunert, then hit the link below (it opens in a new tab):

Kunert Warm Up 60 Leggings

Please excuse the dodgy images, this is before my little camera babe came along and saved me!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: (Foot Size 35-37) – So Small

Denier: Around 20-30

Materials: Unknown

Price & Website: Unknown

My Outfit

Keeping it minimal yet enough for work, I wore my denim shirt dress paired with my suede mules to finish it off. I now don’t wear these enough so I am pulling them back out again for summer to wear with hosiery!

My Deets

Dress: Lasula

Holdups: Kunert

Shoes: River Island



The Review

The Packaging: so looking at their packaging it looks quite dated; in a good way I mean. It seems to be very basic, straight to the point, barely any detail given type of thing.


Perfection and harmony. Precious quality, finest creation, first-class style and fit – a masterpiece of KUNERT.

Stay-ups with baroque design allover.”

Getting in, these are flat folded inside around card.


Getting Them On: so gloves on and let’s go. I have to be extra careful rolling these on as most of this is all net, so the last thing I want is so get them caught in any part of my anklets.

If you don’t wear anklets, you would have a smooth run up from toes to thigh!


On The Legs: oh man this is gonna be interesting to review!

So the denier is kinda unknown as it’s not stated anywhere but it seems to be slightly thicker than 20, either way I don’t mind as it is a gorgeous baroque lace design!

The quality is stunning; that’s one thing I really like about Kunert. I have only reviewed them once before, but every time I got into a store that sell them, I always have a feel of the hosiery and their quality is so on point! The same goes for these; you can tell they would be durable as long as you treat them right and don’t snag them! I managed to get them caught but luckily they weren’t proper snags!

The fit and feel is just right; they fit my legs so well and they stay up all day long without any issues. They sit nicely around and under curves, which is something that you always need to aim for when buying hosiery.

The design is just so elegant; I love the way they look on the legs and that matte finish just tops it all off to give them legs that slimming look.


The Toes & Ankle: so let me mention the design around the feet here; it’s so unusual! They have a full lace design from the toe seam to mid-foot, which looks stunning but actually makes my feet look bigger than what they are. I found that they looked podgy and pretty wide?!?!?! From here, that’s where the rows of florals come about which work right to the band. Don’t get me wrong I think they look stunning, but it just doesn’t work for my feet to be honest!

Around the ankles, these sit real nice and I didn’t encounter any issues.


The Band: the band itself becomes a different floral design which I have fallen in love with. I just love everything about this pair of holdups and how amazeballs they look! Not only have you got that fine net lace design going on, the band is holding its own little design which works all over and just finishes it off perfectly.

It’s a double silicone band which means they should (and did) hold up well on the thighs and didn’t lose any sticky-ness throughout the day 🙂



My Thoughts?

If you can try and get hold of these, then please do because they are amazing. I love the design, I love the quality and I love the way they look on the legs; a right piece of elegant art 🙂