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Knittex 3D 120 Denier Tights

So forgive me as I’ve been seriously slacking with my reviews this weekend! I ended up going out with mum for most of the day yesterday and my fiancé then decided to rock up and whisk me away to his and didn’t get back until late!

So firstly a big thank you to my Anonymous follower for these – yep they’re way darker and so much plainer than what I normally wear but I thought I would try something different.

And honestly these are a pair that every person should own – they’re comfortable, soft, and so cosy on those chilly days!

So let me get down to it:

  • Packaged very well – wrapped around the cardboard
  • They were smooth when gliding on and didn’t catch any anklets either
  • They have such a nice feel to them – they’re polyamide and cotton – hence why they felt really snug too
  • They don’t have the reinforced toe but to be fair with the thickness that they are, they wouldn’t need that as an extra
  • They do have a slight sheer to them, especially when you step out in the sun. So if you think they’re going to be too dark and black, think again as they work well with absolutely any outfit. You will see this in my pics below where I’ve sat out of the sun and been directly in front of it.
  • I went with a tunic top with sorts and my chunky boots as it was sunny but really cold and these were perfect! They actually kept me warm the whole day!
  • As mentioned before, this type of denier you can pair with anything and it works for all the seasons too – winter especially.

The only downside I have about these – as they are that soft cotton-like material, little dust bits go cling onto them so easily! I mean I had to keep dusting myself off from time to time. So bear that in mind.


Would I recommend? Yes I would, especially for those who are starting to get into wearing tights. I started off with darker deniers between 100-200 opaques and worked my way into sheers and patterns. It’s definitely a staple piece you need to add to your collection for when you just want one of them throw-anything-on-and-hope-for-the-best days.

So my deets for yesterday:

Tunic Top – gift from India

Tights – via Amazon

Boots – Dorothy Perkins



One thought on “Knittex 3D 120 Denier Tights

  1. These do sound great. A must for every hosiery drawer I think. Pictures do catch the sheen nicely. And I just love the top. So pretty!
    Those boots are just the best. 😘😘