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Knee High Fishnets by Love Your Legs


And once again I am rocking fishnets – I can’t get away from them (and to be fair I don’t want to!)

Even though I never follow the trends, this is something that I would gladly like to be a part of whilst it’s still out there. I still love my sheers and patterns, but nets is just on another level really and now that there’s so many styles that are based on fishnets, you can’t help but get sucked in!

Now I am back in knee-highs, which will be fun! It’s been a while and I have plenty more to review from Love Your Legs, so I wanted to get started with nets and then crack on with the rest!


The Outfit

To make it suitable for work, but add in that bit of grunge, I decided to go with my culottes with a cute sheer shirt (to make it more office-like) and then paired with my pumps. I wanted to do converses but they didn’t create that look I was after so these went perfect.

You can easily team up with pointy court shoes to make it a statement, but seeing as it’s Friday I wanted to go casual to work!

I added my double choker and studs just to finish off the look, and then decided to tie my shirt into a cute knot at the front!

My Deets:

Shirt: Forever21

Cami Top: New Look

Culottes: New Look

Pumps: Dorothy Perkins

Choker: Topshop

Tights: Love Your Legs

The Review

Packaging: I actually giggled when I saw the packaging – it has a fish on it!  I LOVE IT! It’s so bright and so eye-catching with a cute little heart window showing the fishnets! The back of the packaging states:

“With elastane for improved comfort and fit

Popular fashion style

Reinforced toe for comfort

90% nylon 10% elastane”

 Inside: you will find one knee high around cardboard and the other tucked behind it. It’s dead easy to get out and you certainly don’t need to worry about snags with these. PhotoGrid_1493405030104

Scrunch and roll time: as these will need it, especially when anklets are involved. I always use this technique with fishnets as the last thing you want is them getting caught in toes, anklets etc.


Interesting toes: as this is the first I have ever seen with fishnets. Normally they’re the smaller micronet type on the toes working into bigger diamonds. However, these are sheer block toes and then the fishnet starts! These are so damn cool! I would honestly wear these with peep toes or sandals just to show that bit off as it’s so unique.


Up the calves: and to the knee is where it stops. You can make them sit on top of the knees but it looks crap, so please don’t. I sat it just slightly under the knee caps and it has stayed there the whole day. I have not had to pull them up once today! They sit really nicely under my culottes and the best part about these is that you don’t need to pull down trousers and tights when you need the loo! Sometimes I can be a nightmare but that’s a major benefit of knee highs – they’re known to be for lazy women but in all honesty, I love them for that practical reason!


The band: holding them are so awesome. They’re lovely and fitted on the legs and don’t budge a single bit. It might be different if you have tights on underneath, and if you decide that, then I would recommend a matte finish pair rather than glosses and shiny sheers as I can just see these falling down!!

It’s a nice thick 2 inch ribbed band, which I have to say will leave marks on your legs after but it will go after 5-10 minutes.


The nets: are so amazing. They’re seriously jet black which makes them stand out so much more than my other fishnets do. I have to say that these also do dig into the leg slightly (it doesn’t hurt if that’s what you’re worried about) but it does leave the fishnet marking s all over so just be mindful. Otherwise I seriously love these! it’s nice that these are a smaller fishnet but not small enough to be under micros.


Overall Thoughts?

Just get yourself a pair. Don’t even think about it – they’re so worth it for what you get. They’re affordable, and do the job just right. If you’re into knee highs, then these are one to add to your collection if you haven’t invested in fishnets yet. If you have, then still get these as they’re amazeballs!


To get your pair of knee highs, visit this link > Love Your Legs Fishnet Knee High Socks