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Khaki Caged Boots by Follow Me

Well aren’t these just something else?! And they’re my first ever pair of khaki shoes! So I was pretty psyched to receive these through the door!

Now you have to excuse my nail varnish again – I took these shots before I changed the colour!

So now I’ve given you heads up, let’s begin:

  • Wasn’t too happy with the way these came – the box was pretty damaged and guess what – no heel caps were to be found!!
  • They packaged each shoe individually and wrapped too so I was pleased with that. I thought at least the shoes weren’t scratched or damaged in any way.
  • They’re so easy to get on and off – the lace isn’t one you have to loosen with your fingers, you just slightly pull each side apart and it does it for you.
  • They’re comfortable to walk around in – they don’t have any platform however they’re not sky high and they don’t hurt your feet (as far as I know!). When I wear these again for a night out I will give you a more true verdict rather than the hour I was in them for!
  • I love the honeycomb cut out effect – it’s different and I LOVE IT!
  • They don’t crinkle when you bend your legs like I did in the feature pic above – I was scared that I ruined them taking that pic but they hold their shape at the back!
  • You can pair these with almost anything – I went with a black tunic p, bare legs and these babes but you can pair with a skater dress or a pair opof Leggings or jeans rolled up.
  • The colour that they are – I think they are very versatile. I was scared of pairing khaki but I find its one if them colours that you can pair with almost anything – similar to nudes!

The only thing you have to be mindful of is that your little toe can pop out at the side – it happened when I was taking pics and had to delete a few when I saw! So just keep that in mind if you purchase!

Would I recommended? I would like to say a big fat YES behest because the design is so awesome and in fashion at the moment and every girl (and guy too!) needs a pair of cut out boots in their wardrobe!

Now I would like to say I went totally snap happy with these so please don’t judge 😳


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