Keepwin Seamless Polka Dot Tights

Oooo I finally have a different colour on the legs to try out. I thought I would invest in some white pairs, just to try out some new styles, and plus it would make a nice change for summer!

These were purchased from Amazon, at a real cheap price (and yep from China as well), so these will be interesting for sure as to what they’re like on the legs!

The Spec

Colour: White

Size: One Size

Denier: Around 15

Materials: Unknown

Price: £1.95

Website: Amazon – Keepwin Women Seamless Polka Dot Tights – Comfort Stretch Opaque Pantyhose

My Outfit

As we are playing with whites, let’s add little pops of colours. I wore my teal coloured dress and added my pale gold booties. You can easily change to other coloured heels or some cute flats, but I chose these instead 🙂

My Deets

Dress: Unknown

Tights: Keepwin (independent seller)

Booties: Next



The Review

From The Website: Stretch & Comfort – Compsed of soft acrylic, comfortably hug your legs with their stretch-fit. Size: Item Length:90 cm
✿ Trendy & Sexy – The tights featuring with cute polka dot in details, giving your legs a skinny and unique appearance.
✿ Versatile Style – Throw the tights on your favorite dress, skirt, or shorts, make you charming and attractive all throughout the year.
✿ Wide- applications – The fashion women tights is great for cosplay costume, party and everyday casual wear.
✿ Essential & Basic – Classic colors provide fashion style for any wardrobe, it applicable to many occasions – casual, work, home, party or club etc.


The Packaging: not much to say here to be honest. What you see below is exactly how my pair came through the post (once it’s out of the parcel packaging).

There is no description of them at all; no sizing, composition etc. So this makes it even more intriguing to see what they are like!


Getting Them On: I did my usual scrunch and roll from the feet up the legs, taking care of my anklets along the way. These are super silky when you glide them up, which I am impressed with for sure!

I didn’t have any issues getting these over my anklets, and this is a pair you will be able to get on without using hosiery gloves.


On The Legs: well these are a lovely little surprise! I didn’t know what to really expect but it wasn’t that great in my head; but seeing these on the legs with an outfit actually looks super cute!

The colour of the tights are great; they are a lovely thin denier, which I feel are more 10-15 as that base is so sheer, which makes the polka dots stand out even more.

The quality of these are ok; not the greatest but they are good for what you pay. I did manage to snag these a few times during the day but luckily it ended up as nothing more.

The fit of these would certainly work for a XS-M in size. I would not recommend these for larger sized people as it might fit around the calves but getting them on the thighs would be a great struggle. These don’t have a lot of stretch in them at all.

The feel of these are divine; they are so silky soft and super smooth on the legs. I did take some images with the flash on so you can see the slight difference and that little bit of shine they have to them. I do prefer them as a semi-matte finish rather than a shine, as I feel white and shine aren’t really my thing; I prefer a shimmer.

The design has these amazeballs large polka dots scattered around the legs, from the reinforced toe to the boxer brief. However, when you look close up, these aren’t the perfect circle. They do have some where it extends out, and there was a few of these I spotted around the legs. From far, you don’t really see it (I hope) but it’s something to look out for.


The Toes & Ankle: the toes come reinforced, with that thicker denier plain strip working the front and back of the toes. They had plenty of wiggle room to them, which is great and no extra material on the sides of the toes either.

Around the feet, they were hugging well and didn’t feel tight at all. On the ankles, it was a lovely fitted finish.


The Waistband & Gusset: so the waistband I can say is certainly not for a larger sized person. This was pretty tight on me, to the point it started to dig in a lot and I had to try and stretch it out as much as I could to get it to loosen up a little.

There is no way someone who had a larger waist would be able to survive in them for a long period of time.

These don’t roll over themselves that easily but near to the end of the day, they started to just slightly which wasn’t too much of an issue as I wasn’t wearing a bodycon of any sort.

These also have a reinforced boxer brief to them that works from the band to the top thigh, which is great as it gives you that extra reinforcement in this area so you’re not having to worry about any rips or snags happening up here!


My Thoughts?

Overall I do love these and think they are so adorable! Apart from the dud polka dots and the snag, these are actually really awesome!

One thought on “Keepwin Seamless Polka Dot Tights

  1. Love your reviews great legs by the way. But these type of tights have been looking for read your review about the fit and read few comments on Amazon. There were questions saying they were a size 12 another said was a size 16 both said they fit them. Makes me think would these fit me I am not close to a 16. I would really love to get a pair of these to wear after seeing you wearing them.