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Jonathan Aston Vintage Legs Backseam & Heel Stockings

I can’t remember the last time I did a review for Jonathan Aston; it had to be some time ago! Anyways I have seen the ‘Vintage Legs’ collection dotted around lots of online stores, and decided to get myself a pair to review for Elegant Up!

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The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: A-B / Small-Medium

Denier: 15

Materials: 70% Polyamide (Nylons) 20% Polypropylene 10% Elastane (Lycra)

Price: $14.00

Website: Elegant Up – Jonathan Aston Vintage Legs Backseam & Heel Stockings

10% Off Discount Code: sonipanda

My Outfit

I had the urge to do something different with this pair; normally I would wear them to work and style them all formal. But this time, I decided against that and went for something different.

I paired my skater dress with a pair of Dr Marten boots with this just to be slightly different!

My Deets

Skater Dress: Miso

Stockings: JA

Boots: Dr Martens



The Review

From The Website: Embrace your feminine instincts and indulge in the thrill of glamour dressing with Jonathan Aston Vintage Legs. Get the look of a yesteryear siren and step back in time with the sophisticated style of glamorous Backseam and Heel Stockings
(Garter Belt in Picture not Included)

Jonathan Aston
Vintage Legs
Backseam & Heel Stockings
15 denier
Ultra sheer
Contrasting Seam
70% Polyamide (Nylons) 20% Polypropylene 10% Elastane (Lycra)
Made in Italy



The Packaging: I got to say is very straight to the point. You get the see the model styling the hosiery you’ve purchased on the front along with the brand name and make of the stockings. The back delves into a little more detail about them along with the sizing guide and hosiery care:

“Embrace your feminine instincts and indulge in the thrill of gamour dressing with Jonathan Aston Vintage Legs. Get the look of a yesteryear siren and step back in time with the sophisticated style of glamorous Backseam and Heel Stockings.”

Once you get in, as you can see from the images below, these come shaped to your legs which is fab news when you’re gonna do your line up at the back! Trust me when I say backseam hosiery needs to have the horizontal seam so us wearers have it easy when trying to get them on!


Getting Them On: so gloves on and let’s scrunch! I was careful over anklets as always and I found it so easy to get my seams straight at the back of the legs. Once I had my line-up done at the bottom of my ankle, it was an easy run up the legs where I could clasp them into place exactly where I wanted them.


On The Legs: so these are looking pretty damn good right about now! I am loving everything about this outfit to be honest!

So the denier is 15, which means they are a nice sheer to help that backseam and heel pop! This means that you do need to be careful with them during the day as they can snag quite easily.

This brings me to mention that I actually did manage to snag them in various places (not happy) but glad that they didn’t turn into rips!

One thing I do love about these is the sheerness on the legs and that thick deep black band at the top; it makes such a gorgeous contrast.

So the backseam does slightly move during the day; depending on how much you go to the toilet. I normally take my whole lot down (including suspender) than having to unclasp it all, which means pulling them back up you gotta get the line up right again! So I have to say that it did jig from time to time! I do really like how it’s a real nice thin crisp line from the ankle to the band;

A subtle statement piece.

The fit and feel of them are just perfect; they fit so well on the legs as long as you’re wearing the right size and the feel is just wonderful. They are soft and silky, and a real nice subtle gloss finish on top. These aren’t a complete matte finish which is nice as in the light, it gives off a cute shine. I just wanted to get straight to the point here!


The Toes & Ankle: my favourite part being vintage and all! So the toes have the cute strip going across them front and back (hoping these are reinforced here as it’s not stated anywhere) and then under the foot, the strip then becomes a sole piece leading into that gorgeous pyramid heel ankle design. I love the whole concept of it and it would certainly look fabulous with a pair of open back heels!

Around the ankles, there are no crinkles to be seen during the day as these sit right against the legs!


The Band: is a real good one to wear with clasps. It’s more of a cotton-like material than full on nylon which makes it so much better to grip and hold up throughout the day. Not once have I seen them slowly work away from the clasp and fall down.

It’s a soft smooth band which doesn’t leave any markings on the legs after wear, which is brilliant. I love the way they sit on the thighs as they do open up slightly if you have chunky thighs like I do rather than squish them and make them muffin tops!



My Thoughts?

Apart from the snags, I think these are a real nice vintage pair if you’re after a classy look! They look fabulous on the legs, and as you can see they can be dressed in so many different ways. You don’t have to dress completely feminine in them (although I still feel like I was wearing them and my chosen outfit) – which is something I really liked about it.


2 thoughts on “Jonathan Aston Vintage Legs Backseam & Heel Stockings

  1. Even with the Doc Martens, who whole outfit has a super cute quality about it.
    Terribly sexy too 😍😛 Oooh those legs……. 👌

    St Trinian’s perhaps?