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Jonathan Aston Two Tone Leaf Tights

I feel this is the perfect Autumn outfit rather than wearing it for Summer! I wanted to go quite colourful at first, but the more I kept looking at my original outfit, the more I kept wanting to change it. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it what I wanted to go for, and then I decided to bring it back to basics; wearing red and black instead.

The Spec

Colour: Black/Ruby

Size: A-Small

Denier: Around 20-30

Materials: 78% Polyamide, 13% Polypropylene, 9% Elastane

Price: £13.99

Website: UKTights – Jonathan Aston Two Tone Leaf Tights

My Outfit

Keeping to super minimal today by wearing my turtle neck bodycon dress paired with my suede court shoes. I didn’t want to go too bold with the outfit as the tights are pretty loud themselves.

My Deets

Dress: Miss Selfridge

Heels: Dune



The Review

From The Website: We all know, in the fashion industry, that contrast really is everything when it comes to a gorgeous fashion design. These tights have a classic floral pattern, something we always love to see in a collection, but they have turned that same old favourite into a new way of creating contrast. Here they have red leaves laid over black ones and the combination is a pretty eye catching one, especially for such a small change. And with them only covering a part of the design, they are not too overpowering either.

* Autumn fashion
* Two tone leaves
* Sheer leg
* 78% Polyamide
* 13% Polypropylene
* 9% Elastane


The Packaging: now I have to say I love the packaging; it shows the model taking up the front of the packaging wearing those amazeball tights. This is a great way of showing you what they will look like on the legs even before you get them on yourselves.

When you get in, you will find a small cardboard slipped into one of the legs so you can see the design when it’s slightly stretched out (as it would be on the legs).

I would recommend you taking this out slowly as you can easily catch this pair!


Getting Them On: now these are pretty delicate, in terms of the way they are stitched. They are that fine netted material, which means you will need to take care getting these on. I took my time getting these over my toes and anklets, and then slowly glided them up the legs. Trust me when I say you don’t wanna rush doing this, as I nearly ended up snagging mine!


On The Legs: now the dress I picked wasn’t great as it stuck to my tights the whole day (damn you static!) so I had to constantly be pulling it away.

The denier of these I am not too sure what they are exactly, but I pinned it down around 20-30 denier, as you still get the sheerness to them with the design being slightly thicker. I thought they looked pretty nice on the legs; I actually prefer it quite light like this.

The fit of them are true to size; I felt these were perfect for my leg length so I would recommend checking the sizing guide before you purchase. There was a slight bit of stretch in them, but not as much as you would get with normal nylons due to the netting. You get a fully fitted finish to these 🙂

The quality of these are amazing, but one to watch out for as these can snag super easy. as they do feel slightly rough on the legs, this means that anything that grazes the leg or catches it by accident will end up ruining them, so you do need to take care being in these. Luckily I was proper careful today with what was coming near my legs!

The design I have to say is so nice! As I mentioned before, these are best to wear in Autumn, but I couldn’t resist wearing them now. The two tone that works from the toe seam to the knees are just stunning; quite bold and eye-catching, but then works into a subtle single leaf design from the knee up to the band, so this would be perfect to wear with shorter clothing to really show them off.


The Toes & Ankle: these aren’t reinforced so you will need to take care with long /sharp nails in these. I managed to file and smooth mine down so they don’t cause me any issues wearing my heels today!

These have plenty of wiggle room in them, there is no added pressure around the toes or feet and they are super comfy to be in. I can’t say that the net irritates the feet or toes either, as you get used to the feeling once you start moving in them.

Around the ankle, these are a lovely fitted finish.


The Waistband: as you can see we have that net design working right up to the band here. The band itself is quite fitted and stays up really well. You do have breathing room in these, without losing the elasticity throughout the day. I felt really comfortable in these and had no issues in them at all.



My Thoughts?

I would totally recommend these for sure! I really do love that design, with a mix of red and black to create such a gorgeous piece. The quality of these are great if you look after them on the legs, and overall I think they are great. A lovely pair to wear in those months where it starts to get cooler.

6 thoughts on “Jonathan Aston Two Tone Leaf Tights

  1. Hi Soni,thank you very much for this review today.I think you’re looking stunning in your todays outfit along with these lovely sheer tights😍
    Though it had been nice,to discover a upclose sole picture gorgeous😉
    Have a nice day Queen of 👣!

    Greetz Andre😘

  2. A silk stockings very singular, I like the effect of leaves in different colors.
    Excellent your choice, I will opt for a look in a party …


  3. Oh wow, these are so pretty! And really different, too. Never seen a design like them before. Definitely want a pair of these to go with my black skirt, or even my black hotpants/shorts.
    Caz xx