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Jonathan Aston Strapped Tights for International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day to all my ladies!!

So to celebrate International Women’s Day – I thought why not rock these babies – been a which since I have done my usual funky tights!

Now I can see my do so many good points with these than bad as I love J.A and the variety that they do! It’s like they understand my sense of style 😛

  • They’re so frikking amazing – look like the union jack ones that you can get but a lot more nicer and worth it!
  • I love the structured look of them against the nude sheer – so glad I picked this rather than black sheer. It gives that pop to any outfit.
  • They’re easy to glide on and don’t snag as easily too – despite me tripping over everything this morning
  • Packaged well and wrapped around the cardboard – WOOP!
  • Once again a smooth sheer so you’re clothes aren’t rubbing against it – more like gliding just past the legs
  • A good fitting waistband – hasn’t fallen down so far
  • I think they do have the invisible reinforced toe – was too excited to get them on and take pics to even care to read the pack

The not so good:

  • You need a bit of time and patience (well I do anyways) to line it up so both legs match. The same goes for the line that runs down the middle (unless you don’t mind wonky)
  • Not too keen on the creamy sheer colour – it might work better for whiter legs but the colour isn’t doing it for me.
  • Once again with all nudes – I wouldn’t recommend if you have stubbly legs to pop these on (unless that’s the look you’re going for)


I would like to say it would work really well with bodycons for a smart look or skater dresses/skirts for a fun casual look. If you was going for edgey like I did today, then team up with chunky boots and blacks.


The deets for the day:

Shirt Maxi Dress – eBay

Tights – J.A Strapped via Amazon

Booties – Dorothy Perkins

(Please excuse the messy room – was in a rush to take these and then shoot off to work!)


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